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Hot Stock: AQR113C-B0-C ICs (Marvell)

AQR113C-B0-C: Revolutionizing Sensing Technology for Enhanced Precision and Real-Time Data Acquisition

At Component Sense, our focus is to provide our customers with top-of-the-range electronic components that are 100% traceable and reliable. We are proud to share that we can now offer AQR113C-B0-C Integrated Circuit (IC) from South Korean manufacturer, Marvell Semiconductor. Like Component Sense, Marvell is committed to its customer relationships, designing semiconductors for "customers' current needs and future ambitions."

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New Stock: 750 311 311 Off-Power Inductors are Now Available!

Unveiling the Power of Part Number 750 311 311: An Essential Component for Innovative Solutions

At Component Sense, we always want to provide top-of-the-range electronic components to all of our customers. With this, we are delighted to share that we have the 750 311 311 Off-Power Inductors in stock and available immediately for our international customers. 

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