Empowering sustainability in electronic manufacturing.

We specialise exclusively in excess and obsolete electronic components. This means that we reduce the need to manufacture new components and are helping the electronics industry become a circular economy!

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Reducing electronic waste.

Our excess stock solutions make sustainability easy for electronic component manufacturers.

First, we buy traceable excess and obsolete stock from tier-one companies long before it becomes electronic waste. We then sell these components to our global network of buyers. This re-distribution model reduces the need for duplicate manufacturing and has, to date, saved over 30 million parts from landfills. Now, that’s what we call sustainability!

Over 30M

electronic components saved from landfill


Our electronic component solutions make

perfect sense – from every perspective.

Be rewarded

We make sustainability attractive by rewarding manufacturers who take charge of their excess stock.

Reduce the need for unnecessary manufacturing

100% of our electronic components come from excess and obsolete stock (E&O), reducing the need for unnecessary manufacturing.


Approximately 10% of a manufacturer’s annual revenue is held up in excess stock. Component Sense has perfected its business model to return up to 100% of your E&O component stock value, and in some cases, generate profit. 


Re-distribution streamlines the supply chain and provides manufacturers with valuable insights into their supply chain. Furthermore, reducing your E&O inventory will free up warehouse space.


By choosing Component Sense as your re-distribution partner, you can feel good knowing you are saving excess and obsolete electronic components from being sent to landfill!

Component Sense is proud to partner with carbon-neutral and carbon-positive shipping companies. What’s more, our company offsets the carbon emissions of all orders through the reforestation charity, One Tree Planted. We focus on planting native trees around the world, supporting biodiversity and habitat-conserving forests. For every order we receive, we plant at least two trees — one for the buyer, and one for the seller!

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embracing sustainability

10,000 trees planted.
And counting…

Every order at Component Sense is offset. We plant at least two trees for all orders: one for the buyer and one for the seller.

Why choose trees?
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen in return, helping to clean the world’s air.
  • Intricate root systems capture rainwater and slow down the absorption of water into the soil, preventing erosion and reducing the risk of flooding.
  • Planting native trees supports biodiversity and complex, indispensable ecological systems.
  • Sustainable reforestation efforts provide jobs, raw materials, and foodstuffs for use around the world.
  • Trees cool the planet by absorbing and storing harmful greenhouse gases. This is especially powerful in urban areas with heavy human population and industry!

Our ongoing commitment

The triple bottom line of sustainability:
people, planet, and profit.

At Component Sense, we are committed to developing our business, our team, and our environmental efforts through sustainable development. We are proud to align ourselves with the following pillars of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Gender equality

Decent work & economic growth

Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Reduced inequalities

Responsible consumption & production

Climate action

Life on land

Partnership for the goals

embracing sustainability

Our efforts don’t stop there. We have big plans to clean up electronic waste around the world.