Changing the world, one component at a time.

22 years in the electronic component business is no mean feat. Our customers love our commitment to quality, sustainability, and exceptional customer service.

Component Sense transparent logo shape. Inside is a blue and orange electronic circuit board featuring electronic chips.
Green circular ring with motion
Blue circular ring with motion

Established 2001

A common sense approach to business.

In 2001, our founder, Kenny McGee, was working in mainstream electronic distribution. He was astounded to learn that the electronics industry generated over 20 million tonnes of e-waste annually. Kenny knew that manufacturers were treating their excess and obsolete components (E&O) as scrap. Other manufacturers were ordering production of the same parts as those destined for landfill. At the same time, Kenny was a young single father, struggling to find the perfect work-life balance.

Sending valuable, brand-new excess electronic components to landfills, and never seeing your family are two things that just don’t make sense.
Starting a business to solve both of these challenges does. And so, Component Sense was born!

Component Sense is a global marketplace for the re-distribution of E&O electronic component stock. A company dedicated to creating a positive impact on our planet, our people, and your profit.

Makes sense for everyone.

Over 30m

electronic components saved from landfill.

In 2021, 57.4 million metric tonnes of electronic waste was generated around the world. This is a three-fold increase since our inception in 2001.
Our aim is to reduce this number, one component at a time.

Empowering sustainability in electronic manufacturing.

By providing a range of innovative products and services, we help our customers succeed financially, operationally, and ethically. Exceptional customer service comes as standard, as does our dedication to sustainability.


We are EPIC.

A carefully curated culture based on continual personal development and growth gives our clients a service
that is second to none.


An epic team, passionate
about our purpose.

Our team is comprised of talented, ambitious, and enthusiastic people who love to get things done.
Find out why you’ll love working with us.

Professional headshot of Component Sense CEO, Kenny McGee. Kenny is a white, bald man, wearing a dark suit. The headshot goes from black and white to colour on rollover.

Kenny McGee

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Professional headshot of Component Sense's Sales Director, Rose McGee. Rose is a white woman with long, blonde hair.

Rose McGee

Director of Sales

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Professional headshot of Component Sense's CTO, Grant Rutherford. Grant is a white man with glasses and is wearing a suit.

Grant Rutherford

Chief Technology officer

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22 years of business
and counting.

In our more than two decades in business, we have learned a lot. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with our customers.

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Whilst visiting the warehouse of a multi-billion dollar electronics company in South Korea, our founder and CEO, Kenny McGee, was stunned to find millions of dollars worth of excess stock sitting marked as scrap.

Component Sense logo with the word 'Sense' in red

Component Sense is born

Kenny chose to leave his position at Arrow Electronics and set up a business focused on sustainability and customer service.

As a single father at the time, Kenny wanted to create an organisation with a supportive and flexible work environment — giving him the work-life balance he was struggling to find elsewhere.

Break even analysis chart with the x-axis as 'units sold' and y-axis as 'revenue and two linear lines


After two years of business, Component Sense sales began to completely cover running costs. This was an important milestone!

2003 was also the year in which we became a limited company.

Woman with dark, long hair tied in a low ponytail, wearing a blue cap and standing in a warehouse with a paper and pen.

Our very first hire

In 2004, sales were strong enough to necessitate and allow for the hiring of another employee. Kenny was joined in his small business, bringing our headcount to a total of two.

Rebranded Component Sense logo with ‘Component’ in a burgundy-red colour. Tilted black square with the letter ‘S’ on the side.

Company rebrand

We decided to refresh our look, and the Component Sense logo you know and love was created, albeit in red!

Component Sense Livingston office with expansive glass windows, red linings, and surrounded by a lot of trees and bushes.


As our company was continuing to develop, we decided to relocate into larger premises.

Stockbrokers witnessing the market crash in 2009 on red screens with worry.

Crisis hits

The world was hit with financial crisis and a global economic recession, and Component Sense was no different. Like countless other companies, we were forced to adapt to the new market conditions.

We had significant funding pulled from banks, and so we had to restructure and consolidate the company. Kenny knew that customers would be struggling to deal with the excess created by the economic downturn. So, he wanted to work as closely as possible with them to help navigate the crisis.

Three business professionals smiling and talking to each other in office with windows and bright sunlight.

Customer Relations Management

As part of our economic resilience efforts, we saw the need to create a bespoke turnkey business system. This system has continued to evolve, and is updated daily to keep our customers happy at every step of their Component Sense journey. Our team’s lives are also made significantly easier with automation and unique functionality.

Woman in blue shirt using iPad to check and manage inventory in a warehouse.


Component Sense continued to expand and entered into relationships with larger EMS businesses around the world. Our team found frustration with this expansion, as larger EMSs were less willing to sell their excess and obsolete stock through traditional cash purchase or consignment options.

In response, our team created InPlant™ as a complete stock solution for very large EMSs. Find out more about InPlant™ here.

Screenshot of Component Sense’s previous website design featuring Component Sense’s redesigned logo with ‘Component’ in royal blue.

New look

2015 saw Component Sense enter into a newer, more digital iteration. We completely redesigned our website and added full e-commerce functionality.

Purchasing from Component Sense was thus made easier than ever!

As part of our brand refresh, the Component Sense logo you know and love was created.

Did you know that the blue of our logo matches the Saltire blue of Scotland’s national flag? We are proud to be a Scottish company and love representing this in our brand identity!

Neon blue satellite lines outlining a world map, symbolizing global connectivity and expansion.

International expansion

In 2017, the Component Sense team continued to grow and our business expanded worldwide. We were now operating out of the UK, Europe, and Australia.

Our hard work building relationships during the global financial crisis paid off as the market recovered.

Computer screen displaying downward trending graphs, symbolizing a market downturn.

Impending downturn

The electronics industry can be incredibly informative. Those working in our industry know that our electronic component market can even show economic shifts before they become known to the wider world.

In 2019, the market began to turn sharply downwards, seemingly without reason. Our sales fell to around 35% of their previous numbers.

Little did we know how greatly the world was about to change...

Covid-19 virus


As the world started to see the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the electronics industry was severely affected. The global supply chain was disrupted by shipping restrictions, lockdowns, and ill workforces.

At the same time, demand for electronic devices was higher than ever, and the world saw a time of extremely high demand and low supply. Prices for electronic components skyrocketed and customers saw lengthy lead times and limited availability.

Component Sense's Christmas dinner party with staff members eating their meal in ambient lighting and ‘EPIC’ in big light letters.

21 years in business

Following the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 saw the world officially return to the “new normal”. Whilst some states maintained rigid COVID-19 lockdowns, most countries returned to business as usual. For Component Sense, it was an extremely important year in many ways!

We achieved record turnover, saw our headcount reach 25, expanded into North America, and celebrated our 21st birthday as a company. What a year!

The Future
The Future
Component Sense’s 'EPIC' core values featuring symbols of a head with gears, a sun, a shield with a checkmark, and a diamond beneath each letter.

The future...

It is now 2024! As an established business, we bring our 22+ years of expertise and experience to revolutionise the electronics industry. Our passion for customer service and sustainability set us apart, and we are so excited to see what the future holds.

We hope you love our beautiful new website as much as we do.

Component Sense also continues to work hard on creating an EPIC company culture. This was recently acknowledged with our official certification as a Great Place to Work©.

We are so proud of our last 22 years… here’s to many more!