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The quickest way to sell excess electronic components.

Component Sense’s outright purchase solution is perfect for electronic manufacturers that want to sell their excess electronic component stock quickly. This minimises waste and brings valuable revenue back into the business.

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Sell your E&O parts quickly.

Component Sense will bid on your stock within 24 hours of receiving your listed inventory.

If you accept our offer, we can uplift and pay for your stock in a speedy 48 hours.

48 hours

from acceptance to payment


We make it easy.

No need to worry about resource-draining stock checks. We can take the burden of stock checking from you, using our efficient processes.

All you need to do is ship your stock to us and we will take care of everything. Once we have catalogued your inventory, we will then make an offer of either cash purchase or consignment.


A clean and efficient solution.

Finance departments love our outright purchase option.

An accountant’s dream is a clean balance sheet and a profitable bottom line.

By purchasing outright, Component Sense efficiently removes the stress of accounting for excess and obsolete stock. What’s more, this option will inject extra revenue back into the business.

Indeed, some of our larger customers choose this option because they have already provisioned for the loss on the stock.


Rarely beaten?

More often than not, you’ll find our bid for your excess/obsolete stock is the best on the market.

“Our outright purchase option will return more revenue for less effort than sending lists to many brokers, who will cherry-pick the best of your stock.”

Kenny McGee, Founder and CEO, Component Sense.