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Why Redistribution Makes Sustainable, Financial, and Component Sense

The ways in which electronic components and their metals are treated by human economies are similar to our understanding of the linear process of life: birth, life, and death. First, elements are mined to bring life to electronic devices. Then, when the outer shell no longer works, components end their existence as electronic waste (e-waste) in one of the world’s landfills. 

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Planet and Profit: InPlant™ and Circularity

In our most recent blog post, “Why a Sustainable Supply Chain makes Good Business and Environmental Sense,” we outlined the environmental and business benefits of an optimised supply chain. Making your supply chain more circular — and by extension, more sustainable — can result in a reduced impact on the environment, diminished costs, and improved customer satisfaction. The Boston Consulting Group — a corporate strategy firm — found that companies who improved their environmental performance “could not only improve the planet’s prospects but also significantly improve their business results” by adopting a circular economy model.

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Planet and Profit: Why a Sustainable Supply Chain makes Good Business and Environmental Sense

In this time of extensive climate change, many companies and governments are keen to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. From cycle-to-work schemes and recycling initiatives to renewable energy legislation and plant-based diets, individuals and corporations are taking steps to lower their carbon footprint. It is important to note that, however well-meaning, these measures are minimal when compared to the major culprits of environmental destruction: mass production and global consumption.

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