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By consigning your E&O stock to us, you can comfortably focus on your core business and let us do the re-distribution for you. We then provide you with clear monthly statements and access to a live portal. Hard work for us, effortless cash flow for you.

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Excess electronics: it’s what we do.

Component Sense specialises exclusively in the sustainable re-distribution of excess and obsolete components. We have over 21 years of experience in making E&O management simple for manufacturers.

Choosing the consignment option allows Component Sense to take excess components off your hands, whilst keeping stock under your ownership. We can then advertise and manage your stock as if it were our own. By advertising it as “in stock” rather than “available,” your stock is 10 times more likely to sell! From there, we pay you on a monthly basis. It could not be easier.

“Excess and obsolete inventory is idle and not contributing to your company’s performance. That’s why it is so important to take charge of your inventory, sooner rather than later.”

Kenny McGee, Founder/CEO, Component Sense.



Excess stock solutions

Why should you sell your excess and obsolete electronic components?

Reduced storage requirements






Choosing to consign allows Component Sense to manage and advertise your stock. That means more storage space, increased cash flow, and peace of mind for you!

At Component Sense, we have over 22 years of expertise in electronic component distribution. Our skilled team have their fingers on the pulse to monitor ever-changing part prices, meaning we can sell your stock for the best possible price. We then pay you monthly, according to an agreed profit split.



Did you know that the average electronic manufacturing company is sitting on approximately 10% of revenue in excess and obsolete stock?

Taking charge of your inventory is key. Our consignment options return, on average, five times more income than an outright sale.

Component Sense sells through an extensive network of over 4500 international brokers. These purchasers are connected to every OEM and EMS company worldwide, giving your components global reach.



Our innovative excess and obsolete stock solutions are backed up by over two decades of industry knowledge and experience. The Component Sense team uses bespoke systems, global market knowledge, and professional relationships to ensure your stock is sold for the best possible price.

But don’t take our word for it! You can read the experience of one of our many happy consignment customers here:

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