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Coming in Hot: P9243-GBNDGI8 Wireless Power Transmitter (Renesas)

At Component Sense, we want to ensure that our customers are up to date with the latest, most in-demand electronic components on the market. That it why we share our hot stock items, making it easier and more efficient for customers to find the parts they need. We are therefore pleased to share that we have the P9243-GBNDGI8 Wireless Power Transmitter (for smartphones), in stock now and available immediately. In this blog, you can find out why the P9243-GBNDGI8 is a perfect choice for your smartphone manufacturing needs!   

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Hot Stock Highlight: D2-41051-QR (Renesas)

At Component Sense, we are always committed to achieving the highest possible level of satisfaction within our customer base. We guarantee this by ensuring all top-of-the-range electronic components are 100% counterfeit-free, traceable, and reliable. So, we are delighted to announce that we now have D2-41051-QR Intelligent Digital Amplifier PWM Controller and Audio Processors from Renesas available immediately and in stock. In this blog, you can find out why D2-41051-QR is a perfect choice for your manufacturing needs!

The D2-41051-QR offers a balance of functionality and the lowest system material cost in one, notably with 12S audio stereo output. The key DSP feature of the D2-41051-QR is commonly used in telecommunications, digital image processing, and audio signal processing. Furthermore, this component can be used in electronic devices such as mobile phones and high-definition products. 

Here are some of the D2-41051-QR’s key features:

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Planet and Profit: InPlant™ and Circularity

In our most recent blog post, “Why a Sustainable Supply Chain makes Good Business and Environmental Sense,” we outlined the environmental and business benefits of an optimised supply chain. Making your supply chain more circular — and by extension, more sustainable — can result in a reduced impact on the environment, diminished costs, and improved customer satisfaction. The Boston Consulting Group — a corporate strategy firm — found that companies who improved their environmental performance “could not only improve the planet’s prospects but also significantly improve their business results” by adopting a circular economy model.

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Hot Stock: IR3555MTRPBF Integrated Driver (Infineon Technologies)

Component Sense has a mission to lead electronic manufacturers toward zero waste. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we focus on acquiring and redistributing electronic components at the earliest stage possible. This means that our parts are available new, unused, and thus stay at their highest possible value.

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