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Now Available: BCM65936A0IFSBG Telecom IC from Broadcom Inc.

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, customers expect their connectivity and telecommunications systems to work faster and more efficiently than ever. To keep up with consumer demand, electronic manufacturers must work hard to produce components that rise above the competition.

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Personality, Passion, Professionalism: Component Sense’s Approach to Sales

As a company, Component Sense is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We always choose the relationship with our client over profit — for us, long-lasting relationships and customer satisfaction are our most important business goals. The electronics industry supply chain is currently experiencing a period of intense fluctuation. Naturally, this instability affects our Sales Team, as they are constantly having to adapt and respond to changes in the marketplace. We view these market fluctuations as an opportunity to grow and thrive, and this is only possible with a focus on integrity, clarity, and supportive leadership.

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Hot Stock: Component Sense Now Offers IMST805F25S from STMicroelectronics

Component Sense is pleased to share another stock update with our customers! We are now offering IMST805F25S 32-bit floating-point transputers from French manufacturer STMicroelectronics. These impressive parts are essential in the functioning of parallel processors, which help to streamline innovative product designs.

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