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How Environmental Factors Affect The Electronics Supply Chain

The electronic manufacturing industry has experienced an economic bubble marked by high demand and low supply in recent years. However, this bubble has now popped, and our market continues to level. Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed significantly to market volatility, but there is another force pulling the strings of our global supply chain: environmental change.

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Hot Stock: XC5VLX85T-1FFG1136I from Xilinx

The demand for adaptable and high-performance components has never been higher than today. Among countless hardware solutions available, Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) stand out as versatile, reconfigurable devices with huge potential across various industries. 

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The Global Complexity of Electronic Waste: How Your Business Can Be More Efficient, Profitable, and Sustainable

Recently, Component Sense has published blogs examining Scotland’s recent Circular Economy Bill. We would now like to discuss electronic waste (e-waste) legislation and its implications in the context of complex global economic structures. Component Sense is dedicated to supporting sustainable solutions within the electronics industry, and we are on a mission to lead manufacturers towards zero waste. We therefore aim to shed light on problematic aspects of our industry, provide some positive examples, and suggest potential solutions! 

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