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D2516EC4BXGGB-U On-Board DRAM (Kingston Technology)

Hot Stock Highlight: D2516EC4BXGGB-U (Kingston Technology)

At Component Sense, our core focus is to provide our customers with 100% traceable and reliable top-of-the-range electronics components. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce that we can now offer D2516EC4BXGGB-U on-board Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) from American manufacturers Kingston Technology! As always with Component Sense, our electronic components are in stock and available immediately for purchase. Throughout this blog, you can find out why the D2516EC4BXGGB-U is the best choice for you!

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STM32F030K6T6 Microcontroller (STMicroelectronics)

Coming In Hot: STM32F030K6T6 Microcontroller (STMicroelectronics)

Component Sense is committed to providing the highest standard of customer satisfaction when it comes to electronic components. This is achieved by ensuring that all our top-of-the-range, tier-one electronic components are 100% traceable, reliable, and counterfeit-free. We are pleased to announce that we have the STM32F030K6T6 microcontrollers  from STMicroelectronics in stock and available immediately. Throughout this blog, you can find out why the STM32F030K6T6 is an excellent choice for your manufacturing needs!

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Hot Stock: AQR113C-B0-C ICs (Marvell)

At Component Sense, our focus is to provide our customers with top-of-the-range electronic components that are 100% traceable and reliable. We are proud to share that we can now offer AQR113C-B0-C Integrated Circuit (IC) from South Korean manufacturer, Marvell Semiconductor. Like Component Sense, Marvell is committed to its customer relationships, designing semiconductors for "customers' current needs and future ambitions."

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