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Hot Stock Highlight: D2-41051-QR (Renesas)

At Component Sense, we are always committed to achieving the highest possible level of satisfaction within our customer base. We guarantee this by ensuring all top-of-the-range electronic components are 100% counterfeit-free, traceable, and reliable. So, we are delighted to announce that we now have D2-41051-QR Intelligent Digital Amplifier PWM Controller and Audio Processors from Renesas available immediately and in stock. In this blog, you can find out why D2-41051-QR is a perfect choice for your manufacturing needs!

The D2-41051-QR offers a balance of functionality and the lowest system material cost in one, notably with 12S audio stereo output. The key DSP feature of the D2-41051-QR is commonly used in telecommunications, digital image processing, and audio signal processing. Furthermore, this component can be used in electronic devices such as mobile phones and high-definition products. 

Here are some of the D2-41051-QR’s key features:

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Hot Stock: MA40S4S Murata Ultrasonic Sound Sensor Transducers Now in Stock

At Component Sense, we are constantly working to update our stock items and maintain a sustainable circular economy for electronic components. We aim to provide the most in-demand units to keep our customers performing at the highest level. To that end, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering units of MA40S4S Ultrasonic Sound Sensor Transducers from Murata manufacturers. These sensors are 100% quality assured and available immediately to our international customer base.

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Stock Announcement: 760 804 111 Würth Elektronik

We at Component Sense are pleased to share an exciting stock announcement with our customers: we are now offering the 760 804 111 Choke Inductor from Würth Elektronik. These choke inductors are used in electrical circuits to block higher-frequency direct currents and lower-frequencies alternating currents, thereby controlling audio and radio inputs and outputs.

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2038-42-SM-RP-LF Bourns, Inc. Stock Now Available!

Component Sense is pleased to offer these 2038-42-SM-RP-LF Bourns, Inc. units to the market. Manufactured by esteemed U.S. corporation Bourns, Inc., these surge protection units are increasingly vital in the protection and maintenance of high-bandwidth circuits.

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