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Global Market Trends #2: International Industry Response

In our previous blog post, we outlined the reasons for the current market trends affecting our industry partners and customers. From chip shortages to congested shipping routes, the global supply chain is continuing to face extensive difficulties. So, we know why these trends are happening. But how is the international industry responding?

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Global Market Trends #1: How Did We Get Here?

In the final months of 2019, global media outlets began to report on a mysterious new respiratory virus that had infected workers in the Chinese province of Wuhan. Western populations were not, at that time, overly concerned — the outbreak was too far away to threaten much damage. There had been outbreaks of localised diseases in this part of the world before without international repercussions. Surely, this too would pass.

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Risk Free Cost Reduction for Electronic Manufacturing

In times of Olde (Pre 2005) smart buyers were always looking to Brokers to help them save money on their Bill of Materials (BOM). Accessing someone else's excess stock was a great way to buy for less. A motivated seller is often prepared to take a loss on their stock creating a bargain for you, the buyer. In recent years, this has become fraught with danger.

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