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The Four Leadership Pillars At Component Sense

Leadership studies pioneer Warran Bennis once said, “Leadership is the capacity to translate a vision into a reality.” From humble beginnings as a one-man band in his spare room in 2001, it is fair to say that Component Sense CEO, Kenny McGee, has had to articulate his original vision well for the company to get where it is today.

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How To Prepare Your Business For Climate Quitting

You may have heard of quiet quitting, but what about climate quitting? If this phrase is new to your vocabulary, you are not alone. Climate quitting was only coined about a year ago and gained popularity after COP28. This new movement should be on the radar of electronic manufacturers that want to attract and keep top talent.

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Celebrating Five Years Of The Real Living Wage At Component Sense

As the world is gripped by a cost of living crisis, paying employees what they deserve is crucial. The real Living Wage empowers people to plan for the future and provide for their families. Component Sense proudly celebrates five years of being officially real Living Wage accredited. However, Managing Director and CEO Kenny McGee admits that the business had unofficially paid the real Living Wage long before being officially recognised.

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22 Years in Business: 22 Things our CEO has Learned

As the saying goes, ‘Time flies when you are having fun.’ Since Managing Director and CEO, Kenny McGee, founded Component Sense in 2001, the years have certainly gone fast.

From humble beginnings to redistributing excess and obsolete (E&O) component stock worldwide, 22 years of operation has brought challenges and unprecedented successes. We sat down with Kenny to ask him what his key learnings have been since originally being astounded by the high volume of electronic waste all those years ago.

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Poster showing the details for Certification Nation Day.

Happy Certification Nation Day: Want To Join In The Fun?

96% of our team say Component Sense is a Great Place To Work, compared to the average of 54% across UK-based businesses. We prioritise ourselves in ensuring our colleagues feel valued and thrive. A big part of this is always looking for opportunities to sing their praises.

Each year on November 1st, companies around the world with Great Place to Work accreditation celebrate their success on Certification Nation Day. But what is behind Certification Nation Day? And why is this occasion so important to us at Component Sense? Keep reading to find out more.

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