Seeds Of Hope: We’ve Planted 10,000 Trees

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At Component Sense, we practice what we preach. 

This is especially true when it comes to our commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing emissions. In 2021, we put our money where our mouth is by partnering with the reforestation charity One Tree Planted. Since then, we have planted 10,000 native trees in endangered forests across the globe, offsetting carbon emissions for all our customers. 

We have come a long way since joining forces with One Tree Planted. But how does planting 10,000 trees align with our mission of leading manufacturers to zero waste? Keep reading to find out more.

Our journey with One Tree Planted… so far

15% of all greenhouse gas emissions are the result of deforestation. So, it is easy to see why we have made it our mission to fight this worrying trend. When we started our relationship with One Tree Planted, we promised to plant one tree per order with Component Sense. We’ve stayed true to our word. In fact, we’ve exceeded expectations. 

Fast forward to November 2022, and we decided, as a company, to double down and plant not one but two trees per order. This increase supercharged our impact and means we’ve now planted over 10,000 trees in total (that’s 10 hectares of forest). One mature tree is believed to draw up to 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the air in exchange for oxygen. To run the math, 10,000 trees = 220,000 kgs of CO₂ removed from the Earth’s atmosphere (that’s roughly the equivalent volume of 1901 double-decker buses).  

Most recently, our trees have been part of a large monarch restoration project in Mexico. During winter, the forests of Michoacán are home to many monarch butterflies as they escape cooler temperatures further north. Monarchs are one of the most vital pollinators in Mexico’s natural ecosystem, and the loss of much of their winter habitat to clear-cutting has been devastating to their population. We are proud to finance new native trees to protect these insects as they roost.

Monarch butterfly landing on a small green leaf.

Why carbon offsetting matters

At Component Sense, we already take practical steps to reduce our carbon footprint by redistributing electronic components and reducing e-waste. Beyond that, it remains vital to take responsibility for what we do contribute. When atmospheric carbon levels are out of balance, it can cause a range of issues, including: 

  • Damaged ecosystems
  • Reduced visibility
  • Increased health issues 

Technically speaking, carbon offsetting means either compensating for your carbon dioxide emissions or funding the reduction of emissions elsewhere. Planting trees has a huge role to play in global carbon offsetting efforts. 

We asked our team at Component Sense what planting 10,000 trees means to them:

Lucy Cregan, Sales Executive at Component Sense.

“As an individual, it can be difficult to feel like you are making a difference when it comes to all the environmental issues we are facing today. Being part of an organisation that creates real change means a lot to me. Since one of the top priorities of Component Sense is to reduce the harmful effects of electronic waste on the environment, tree planting is just another way we can demonstrate our commitment to that goal,” said Lucy Cregan, Sales Executive

Component Sense’s commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to leading electronic manufacturers toward zero waste does not stop at planting trees. At Component Sense, we incorporate an eco-friendly approach into all our day-to-day operations.

Carbon-neutral shipping partners

As a business, it is essential to surround yourself with the right people. This ethos extends to who we partner with to ship our electronic components. We only work with carbon-neutral shipping companies who share our passion for the environment.

From offsetting their own carbon dioxide output to opting for vehicles that run on renewable energy or are more fuel efficient, we want to work with companies that align with our goals. Partnering with shipping companies that prioritise carbon-neutral shipping, like DSV, also helps reduce the risks of climate-related disruptions. It’s a win-win!

Recycled and recyclable packaging

Traditional packaging can include up to seven layers of material, most of which is non-recyclable. Things like tape, styrofoam, and plastic wrap all often end up in landfills. In fact, the United Nations Environment Programme states that the packaging sector is the biggest creator of single-use plastic waste globally

At Component Sense, we focus on using eco-friendly packaging. This type of packing often uses recyclable or, at least, biodegradable materials. Some plastics can take up to 1,000 years to break down, so using corrugated cardboard instead of plastic bubble wrap, for example, can make a big difference.

Cross section of corrugated cardboard.

Zero-waste purpose

Our company is centred around a zero-waste purpose. Each team member is environmentally conscious and passionate about cleaning up the electronic manufacturing industry. 

As a business, Component Sense works to ensure valuable electronic components do not end up as either e-waste or in counterfeit supply chains. By redistributing excess and obsolete (E&O) stock, we minimise unnecessary production and consumption of resources. You can read more about the practical steps we take in our waste manifesto.

Work towards a more circular economy with Component Sense

Teamwork makes the dream work. We need you to help us create a more circular and sustainable electronics industry. We are proud to partner with One Tree Planted and reach the milestone of planting 10,000 trees, but this is only the beginning. 

If you need to clear E&O stock from your books, make the sustainable choice by partnering with Component Sense. We can create a custom strategy for your company to ensure a seamless and financially rewarding partnership. Check out our excess stock solutions here.

If you’re looking to buy electronic components with a 100% Anti-Counterfeit Guarantee, reach out to our team today. We only source components from OEM and EMS companies with full traceability, and employ our own meticulous inspection process. Click below to browse our inventory of over 150,000 lines of traceable, brand-new, and unused electronic components: