Component Sense’s EPIC Culture: Enterprising and Positivity with Integrity and Clarity

In the fast-paced business world, where profit margins and market shares often take precedence, companies prioritising their company culture stand out. At Component Sense, our culture is as equally important as KPIs and revenue. We also know that many businesses often overlook its significance! Our ethos lies in our EPIC culture — an acronym that means that we are Enterprising and Positive and work with Integrity and Clarity. 

For Kenny McGee, the founder and CEO of Component Sense, our EPIC company culture is more than just a set of values on paper. It is the very foundation upon which the company was built and the compass that guides every decision and action. But what does it mean to be EPIC at Component Sense?



To be enterprising is to be constantly seeking improvement and innovation. At Component Sense, this means fostering an environment where team members are encouraged to think outside the box, take calculated risks, and explore new avenues for growth. Being enterprising doesn't just apply to business processes — it is also about personal development. We believe the company can only grow as much as our team members are willing to evolve.



Positivity is not only about mindset at Component Sense — it is a way of doing business. Whether interacting within the team or with customers, a positive attitude is at the forefront of every interaction. We understand that a positive work environment fosters creativity, collaboration, and ultimately, success.



Integrity is the cornerstone of Component Sense's operations. We believe in doing what is right, even when no one is watching. This commitment to integrity extends to all aspects of the business, from ethical sourcing practices to transparent communication with customers and partners.



Clarity ensures that everyone at Component Sense is on the same page. Clear communication, goals, and processes are crucial for success. By eliminating ambiguity and fostering a culture of transparency, we ensure that all team members understand their role in achieving the company's objectives. Consistent clarity also extends to our customer relationships, as we offer transparency and integrity in a so-called “grey” market. 

But why did Kenny find it crucial to solidify and implement these EPIC values within Component Sense? Interestingly, he didn’t come up with the term EPIC himself! 

Instead, Kenny invited his team to collaborate on deciding upon and consolidating the company’s values. The team thought about the already existing company culture and came up with the term “EPIC” as a team! This initiative was inspired by Kenny’s visit to Zappos headquarters in Las Vegas, where he witnessed firsthand the power of a deeply ingrained company culture. 

E-commerce giant Tony Hsieh created Zappos, an online shoe retail store, and his book impacted Component Sense profoundly. We even send a copy of Hseih’s book, “Delivering Happiness”, to every recruit! The emphasis on culture in “Delivering Happiness” has influenced Kenny’s leadership style and has also become integral to Component Sense’s DNA. 

Being EPIC is also an ongoing process. We believe personal development and adopting a positive mindset should be gradual. To achieve this, the company provides resources like boots and podcasts to aid team members in their self-improvement journey, ensuring they are ready to embrace our EPIC culture to its fullest.

Our commitment to these values does not just influence Component Sense’s success. It creates a workplace where employees thrive and customers receive consistently exceptional service. As we continue to grow, one thing remains certain — our EPIC culture will continue to drive our journey towards excellence!