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Hot Stock: XC5VLX85T-1FFG1136I from Xilinx

The demand for adaptable and high-performance components has never been higher than today. Among countless hardware solutions available, Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) stand out as versatile, reconfigurable devices with huge potential across various industries. 

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The Global Complexity of Electronic Waste: How Your Business Can Be More Efficient, Profitable, and Sustainable

Recently, Component Sense has published blogs examining Scotland’s recent Circular Economy Bill. We would now like to discuss electronic waste (e-waste) legislation and its implications in the context of complex global economic structures. Component Sense is dedicated to supporting sustainable solutions within the electronics industry, and we are on a mission to lead manufacturers towards zero waste. We therefore aim to shed light on problematic aspects of our industry, provide some positive examples, and suggest potential solutions! 

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Hot Stock: BCM65500B1IFSBG from Broadcom

Discover the BCM65500B1IFSBG: A Premier Sensor, Now in Stock! 

As technology continues to advance, innovation often lies in the components that silently power our devices. One such electronic component is the extraordinary BCM65500B1IFSBG, Network Controller & Processor IC from Broadcom. At Component Sense, we are delighted to share that we have the BCM65500B1IFSBG in stock and available to our international customers. Keep reading to discover more about this exceptional electronic component. 

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Poster showing the details for Certification Nation Day.

Happy Certification Nation Day: Want To Join In The Fun?

96% of our team say Component Sense is a Great Place To Work, compared to the average of 54% across UK-based businesses. We prioritise ourselves in ensuring our colleagues feel valued and thrive. A big part of this is always looking for opportunities to sing their praises.

Each year on November 1st, companies around the world with Great Place to Work accreditation celebrate their success on Certification Nation Day. But what is behind Certification Nation Day? And why is this occasion so important to us at Component Sense? Keep reading to find out more.

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