Hot Stock: MA40S4S Murata Ultrasonic Sound Sensor Transducers Now in Stock


At Component Sense, we are constantly working to update our stock items and maintain a sustainable circular economy for electronic components. We aim to provide the most in-demand units to keep our customers performing at the highest level. To that end, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering units of MA40S4S Ultrasonic Sound Sensor Transducers from Murata manufacturers. These sensors are 100% quality assured and available immediately to our international customer base.

These MA40S4S sensors are critical in sensing ultrasound energy and are used in automotive infotainment, private obstacle detection, and distance measurement. Here are some reasons why the Murata sensors are selling fast:

  • MA40S4S sensors are extremely compact and lightweight.
  • They are open-type sensors, so can receive and transmit spatial information.
  • They are highly sensitive to ultrasonic sound.
  • They also boast high sound pressure.

Ben Dent, our Global Operations Manager, has noticed a huge spike in ultrasonic sound sensor transducers purchases in recent years. He says that “everything is becoming more automated, with driverless vehicles, automotive parking sensors, and automated factories. To accommodate this, designers and producers need the highest-level sensors available to keep up with demand.”

Component Sense is therefore pleased to partner with Japanese manufacturer Murata to bring our customers the MA40S4S ultrasonic sound sensor transducers. Murata is continuously reaching for innovative excellence, and we continue this scrupulous approach at Component Sense. We are committed as a company to providing exceptional service to our customers. We guarantee units which are 100% counterfeit-free, reliable, traceable, and quality-assured.

Our epic team here at Component Sense is highly skilled and works meticulously to guarantee the authenticity and quality of your electronic parts. We are passionate about maintaining a sustainable, circular economy within the electronics industry.