Exploring the Cutting-Edge ECC18DRXN (Sullins)

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The ECC18DRXN Female Card Edge has emerged as a beacon of innovation in electronic manufacturing. This in-demand part is perfect for consumer-focused and industrial applications and boasts exceptional efficiency and reliability. The good news? The ECC18DRXN is now in stock and available from Component Sense! 

Let’s delve deeper into this hot stock item and its significance in the electronics industry: 

Manufactured by Sullins: the ECC18DRXN Female Card Edge

The ECC18DRXN from Sullins stands out for its precision and high-performance attributes. Here are some of its key features:

Exceptional Efficiency

The ECC18DRXN boasts remarkable efficiency, contributing to energy-saving efforts in electronic devices. Its lower power consumption and high performance make it a valuable asset for energy-efficient designs.

Reliability and Durability

Built to endure rigorous conditions, the ECC18DRXN demonstrates exceptional durability, ensuring longevity and reliability in various environments.

Optimised Performance

This component delivers optimised performance, contributing to the seamless operation of devices across industries. Its precision and consistency make it an ideal choice for critical applications.

Versatile Applications

From IoT devices to automotive systems and industrial automation, the ECC18DRXN caters to various applications, showcasing its versatility and adaptability across industries.

Why choose Component Sense as your electronic component supplier?

At Component Sense, we have over twenty-two years of experience providing cutting-edge components to our international customer base. Our focus is on redistributing excess and obsolete stock, allowing us to work towards our mission of leading electronic manufacturers towards zero waste. Thanks to our customers, we have saved over 30.7 million electronic components from becoming e-waste. 

We are passionate about our customers. Component Sense’s EPIC team aims to respond to all RFQs within 20 minutes, and we offer same-day, international shipping. We work hard to get you the best pricing for your purchases, and our customer service specialists are on hand to deal with any potential issues. All our parts are sourced directly from OEMs and EMSs, which means you can feel secure knowing your purchased parts are reliable, traceable, and counterfeit-free.

Plus, we plant two native trees for every order we receive! This way, we can offset the carbon emissions for both the buyer and supplier of our electronic components. So far, we have planted over 11,000 biodiversity-boosting trees with the help of our reforestation partner, One Tree Planted. You can read more about our environmental efforts here: https://www.componentsense.com/blog/seeds-of-hope-we-have-planted-10000-trees  

Would you like to procure the ECC18DRXN Female Card Edge? Click the button below for quick and secure purchasing: https://www.componentsense.com/stock/841140/ECC18DRXN  

If you would like to browse our stock of over 150,000 lines of traceable components, you can do so here: https://www.componentsense.com/stock  


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