It’s Official: Component Sense is a Great Place to Work!

Great Place to Work Certification
Our team has spoken, and it’s official… we are a certified Great Place to Work
 We are proud to have achieved this certification and be listed alongside other excellent companies. Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture and recognises that great employee experiences are better for people, businesses, and the world. We agree!

At Component Sense, company culture is at the heart of our business. Our regular readers and customers will know that our EPIC values drive us. This means that we are enterprising and positive, and we work with integrity and clarity. From quoting and shipping to writing and researching, all processes at Component Sense are carried out with these EPIC values in mind. 

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For some businesses, having a company culture is a box-ticking activity. We’re different at Component Sense. We’re a company that “lives and breathes” its EPIC values. 

Here are just some of the amazing things that our team have to say about what makes Component Sense a great place to work. We think our team’s GPTW survey comments speak for themselves. Use the slider below to see how it feels to work at Component Sense!

“The EPIC values are something that all employees strive to emulate. Not only does this help maintain a professional business standard, but I believe it also helps everyone strive to be a better version of themselves.” Component Sense Team Member
“For me, being EPIC relates to how we communicate with each other in an open, honest, and positive manner. It also means giving our customers and suppliers the best possible service.” Component Sense Team Member
“I think people display our EPIC values every day. That’s what makes the experience of working here so positive. It is a joy to get to watch people flourish with the right encouragement and support. It is also a lovely place to work as you can really feel the weight of your impact." Component Sense Team Member
“I feel that all my colleagues are honest, very enthusiastic about the work, and invested in the success and reputation of the company. This creates a unique working environment and encourages me to push myself. I believe that everyone really believes in our values, which helps us to work closely as a team, without arguments or backstabbing.” Component Sense Team Member
“I can proudly say that Component Sense is a great place to develop career-wise and personality-wise.” Component Sense Team Member
“This has been the first company in my working life where you are made to feel like an individual and not just a number. We all look after each other.” Component Sense Team Member
“This company is made up of an incredibly diverse group of people from all walks of life. Everyone is treated with respect and is willing to go the extra mile. Management goes above and beyond in showing their appreciation for all the hard work the team puts in, and you feel that they genuinely value the team.” Component Sense Team Member
“I have been with this company for many years. We have been through the highs, lows, and everything in between. From being a relatively small group of four people to where we are now we have never lost the family feeling.” Component Sense Team Member
“Overwhelming compassion and care from management. You feel INSPIRED and driven by the company to develop and be the best you can be. You are fully supported in every aspect of work, self-development, and growth.” Component Sense Team Member
“I've never experienced a work culture as amazing as Component Sense. We are like a big family and I've never had a job where it doesn't feel like work. I want to work here forever, if possible!" Component Sense Team Member



Thank you to the Component Sense team for helping our company achieve this certification. We are so proud, and we can’t wait to see how we become even more EPIC!