Cost Reduction Opportunity: DTS 110 CB PRT2S-LF - DTS 110 CB PRT1S-LF Smoke Detector approved Knitter-switch

Knitter-switch Detector switch commonly used in smoke detectors. 5um Gold plating specifically for the fire safety industry. The Knitter-switch DTS110CBPRT2S-LF is the same product as the DTS110CBPRT1S-LF but gold plated to a higher specification.

We are selling volume stock of Knitter-switch DTS110CBPRT2S-LF on behalf of a Tier 1 global manufacturer. This stock is fully traceable and guaranteed for 12 months. We can offer you this quality part at exceptional value due to this company's outstanding buying power.


These components are off - mom switches designed for minimum 100,000 operations. The Contact rating is 5V DC, 1mA and resistance is < 1 ohm. the insulation resistance is 100 Mega Ohm. Dielectric strength is 100V for the duration of 1 minute.

This stock is in new and original factory sealed packaging (3000 pieces per reel) and is less than 2 years old. This is an excellent opportunity for cost reduction for anyone presently using either Knitter-switch DTS110CBPRT2S-LF or DTS110CBPRT1S-LF. Whilst commonly used in smoke detectors these momentary switches have many uses in a wide variety of industries.

You can now access this brand new, fully traceable stock with our industry leading 12 months warranty. Request a quote for this switch here.

Alternatively, view the Datasheet for more information about this part or contact us.

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