Outright Sale of Excess or Obsolete Stock

We want to buy your Surplus or Obsolete Electronic Components

Outright Purchase

  • We are happy to provide a cash offer when appropriate. We believe we pay the best prices in the industry for job lot buys. Our offers range from 3 - 15% depending on the age and type of stock (Based on multiple line, multiple commodity lists). Some individual items could return much more.
  • Most Electronic Component Brokers will "Cherry Pick" the best of your stock and leave you with all of the "less desirable stock" that no one wants taking up space in your warehouse. We bid on all of your stock and uplift the whole problem for you.
Our cash option will return more cash for less effort than sending lists to many Brokers, who will "Cherry Pick" the best of your stock.
Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense

What are the benefits?

The number one benefit of the outright purchase option is that you get rid of the stock quickly and get the cash back in to your business. Many accountants and finance departments prefer this because it gets the products off the books cleanly. Some very large companies choose this option as they have already provisioned for the loss on the stock.

Cash is king in the accounting world and our outright purchase option delivers.
Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense

Why partner with Component Sense for an outright sale?

We can bid on your stock within 24 hours and have it uplifted and paid for in 48 hours
Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense
  • Honesty and Integrity are cornerstones of our business culture.
  • We will appraise your stock and submit a bid within 24 hours and can usually uplift within 48 hours where ever you are in the World.
  • We focus on building lasting relationships that evolve and strengthen over time.
Selling your electronic stock
Quickly sell electronic components

Preparing your stock list for an outright bid

The more detail you give us the faster and better the bid
Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense

In simple terms as long as we can identify the Manufacturers part numbers and quantities then feel free to send us a list of your stock. If you can draw your cost prices from your system it speeds up the process for us to value the stock.

We have a bespoke pricing system that will value the stock quickly and accurately using the millions of prices we have collected over the last 20 years. Occasionally there are parts that cannot not be found so if you have prices it helps us to fill in any blanks in terms of value to make sure you are getting the most you can for your stock.

Any further information you can give us on date codes or the last-time-buy date will give us an indication of how old the stock is too. Also if you know whether the product is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) it can increase the offer we can make.

A guide to our valuations

The highest prices are paid for current stock, less than 18 months old. This is because many large companies, particularly EMS companies will not accept stock over 2 years old. If your stock is less than 18 months old it gives us a small window of opportunity to sell into this market.

For slightly older stock that is also RoHS compliant our bid will be in the 10-15%. For an outright buy the more data you can give us the better the offer.

If you send us a very basic list we have to assume the worst case scenario that the stock is very old and non-RoHS compliant therefore your bid will be low. Any stock buyer will apply similar principles to the bidding process so any work done on your list will be rewarded with better offers from whoever you send it to. It is worth doing a little bit of work and getting the information correct.

If the product is not RoHS or over 10 years old then the bid will tend to be lower and near the 5% range.

Valuing electronic component stock

Don't have the resources to catalogue your stock?

You do not need to stock check the product as that is a huge amount of work and this puts a lot of companies off selling obsolete and excess stock. Component Sense has a very efficient process for stock checking so we can take that burden from you. All you need to do is ship the stock to us and we will take care of it for you. Once we have catalogued your stock for you we will make a cash offer or consign the stock for you.

Don't beat yourself up for inaction, action now is the key
Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense

It is common for companies to sit on stock for years and years. We often visit companies that have sat on stock for 10 to 15 years and finally get to a point where there is no room in their warehouse and they are falling over it. When this much time has passed identifying the stock becomes a huge job which further delays action.

Still seems like too big a job?

Get in touch with us and we will help you get started. The first step is the hardest, we will carry you through to the end.

We operate in a fair and transparent way


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