InPlant : Complete E&O Solution for OEM & EMS

The Component Sense "InPlant™" system is a complete E&O solution originally designed for Tier 1 EMS companies but equally effective for multi-site OEM companies.
  • Turn your stock into a profit center. Generate positive PPV / Margin / Gross Profit.
  • Stock still in your stores and under your control.
  • Minimize E&O and reduce liability.
  • Increase working capital by reducing overall stock holding.
  • Risk Free, privacy assured.
  • Software provided, automated, communicates effortlessly with any MRP system.


To find out more about our unique InPlant™ stock management system please watch the video.


Due to unpredictable fluctuations in customer demand from the marketplace and the early termination of manufacturing projects, most manufacturing companies typically have Excess and Obsolete stock at around 10% of their current electronic component stock holding or 1% of PCB Assembly revenues. This drives additional costs through working capital and stock holding charges which negatively impact both profit margin and warehouse space availability.

Selling Excess and Obsolete stock is often a task that fills Materials Professionals with dread. Many broker companies are prepared to "relieve" you of this burden with a derisory cash offer or "cherry pick" the best items.

  • Cash offers are usually around 5 – 10%.
  • The cherry pick option typically returns only 10% - 30% of the original value and leaves 90% of the stock clogging your warehouse.
profit from electronic component inventory
Generating positive PPV

Component Sense recognize that many existing E&O solutions are inadequate for very large OEM and EMS companies. This is why we have developed a solution that helps you reduce your working capital on an ongoing basis. It allows the exclusive marketing of all excess and obsolete electronic component stock before it has had time to depreciate.

Although there are exceptions to the rule, as components become older, the value of your E&O stock will reduce over time. Speed is of the essence. Marketing your stock sooner rather than later makes sense because selling stock while it is still within a two year datecode opens up the market place to volume users.

In true partnership with our customers, Component Sense has many examples where we have delivered not only 100% cost recovery but also significant PPV.

Take the stress out of forecast fluctuations

Reduce inventory and risk

We can smooth the peaks in your stock holding, making your business life a little less stressful. Working with live data, we manage your surplus stock for you while you concentrate on production.

Peaks in oversupply caused by forecast fluctuations cannot be avoided, but now you can do something about it. In many cases we will be able to return positive PPV to you while helping manage your ongoing Excess and Obsolete.

Reduce electronic component inventory


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