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Excess and Obsolete Solutions

When it comes to selling E&O, EMS companies have a very different business model to that of their OEM counterpart. The stock you hold typically belongs to your customer, yet for quite some time, you carry the burden of the cost and storage of this stock.

Customer overstock causes you pain in terms of cash flow and in warehouse space. While you go through the motions of highlighting and negotiating excess with your customer there is a cost to your business or unit in both time and money. Any stock that you cannot prove to be customer driven excess will ultimately land back in your hands further eating into your profit margin.

The services we offer can help alleviate these problems by reducing overall inventory while generating positive PPV for you.

Customisation: Within the EMS sector there are still a multitude of different business models and practices that we need to accommodate. We have many different strategies to help you save and make more money within your business. When you partner with us we take time to get to know your business so that we can create the perfect solution for you.

Our focus: Everything we do for you is fully open book. No hidden information, no double accounting, just a 100% honest partnership. We aim to dovetail into your business seamlessly, generating cash for you with minimal effort on your part.

Effortless: Our system can talk directly to your MRP system removing the need for labour intensive interactions between our companies.

EMS excess and obsolete solutions


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