Consignment Excess and Obsolete Solution

Generate cash from your Electronic Components

Our Consignment Excess Inventory Programme is specifically designed to meet the challenging and changing needs of our OEM, CEM, and EMS clients. As with all of our innovative E&O solutions you are assured that our consignment program is backed up by the people, systems and global market knowledge to locate buyers and turn your excess and redundant stock back into cash to feed the bottom line of your business.

Excess and Obsolete Inventory is idle and not contributing to the company’s performance
Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense

Component Sense Differentiators

  • 100% focused on selling E&O.
  • Customer centric approach.
  • Fully open book policy.
  • Web based supplier portal.
  • Stock still belongs to you so fully accessible.
  • Risk Free, privacy assured.
  • Maximum return provided to partners.
Excess and Obsolete Inventory is costing real money to finance through, Capital charges and Warehousing costs
Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense

Consignment Video

To find out more about our custom consignment stock management program please watch the video.

Consignment Detail

Consignment returns around 5 times more cash than an outright sale
Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense

Consignment allows us to advertise and manage your stock like it was our own. This is good for you because we remove all the hassle and stress normally associated with handling E&O. It also ensures the maximum possible return back to your company. Component prices fluctuate much like the stock market so it is critical that your consignment partner have their finger on the pulse of the market place. We will market the stock and sell it for the best possible price on that particular day. We then pay you on a monthly basis the agreed split on the previous month’s sales. It could not be easier.

Many companies opt for outright cash sales of their E&O because it is seen to be easier. We have gone out of our way to create a consignment program that removes all of the effort on your part and delivers 5 times more cash back to your business than an outright sale. We are of course quite happy to accommodate an outright sale if that is still your preference however, why settle for less when you can have more?

If you would prefer an outright sale, please click here to find out more.

maxamise your e&o return with consignment
typical electronic component lifecycle

Why you should act now!

The average electronic manufacturing company is sitting on around 1% of revenue in E&O
Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense

Storage costs of a component is estimated to be quarter of its value per year. Depreciation is estimated to be approximately quarter of its original value per year.

Example: A company with sales of 100 million dollars per year would be sitting on at least 1 million dollars of E&O. Taking into account depreciation and storage costs, doing nothing could cost $500,000.

Further benefits to your company:

  • Reduce storage requirements.
  • Reduce manpower demands.
  • Reduce service costs.
  • Increase profit, direct to your bottom line.

Why partner with Component Sense?

We specialize in excess re-sale so all of our efforts and expertise are focused on getting you the right price for your stock.

  • Honesty and Integrity are cornerstones of our business culture.
  • We focus on building lasting relationships that evolve and strengthen over time.
  • A customised approach ensures that our service compliments your business for years to come.
  • We provide clear "real time" reporting keeping you up to date on all enquiries, orders and payments. Our feedback creates discussion points for our regular strategic review meetings.
  • We are always open for business selling your stock 24 hours a day all over the World.
  • We sell through an extensive network of 4500+ international brokers who in turn are connected to every OEM and EMS company worldwide.
global specialist in electronic component consignment

We are 100% focused on stock resale

Summary of Key points


We work with you to develop a tailored solution that fits seamlessly into your business process.
  • Effortless
    • Our solutions are designed to remove all of the inconvenience and stress typically associated with excess and obsolete components.
  • Maximum Return
    • We aim to return around 50% of your original cost price however, where your buying power is particularly strong we should be able to return close to your cost price.
    • 10 times the return of a typical outright sale.
  • Locally Stored
    • We will store your stock at our cost, in our warehouse or in a warehouse close to your facility so that your product remains accessible to you.


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