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All of our stock is sourced from high quality Franchised, OEM and EMS companies. We further protect our customers by applying all the latest recognised anti-counterfeit techniques as well as proprietary techniques we have developed in conjunction with Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

Everything we sell comes with our legendary no argument 100% money back guarantee.

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At Component Sense quality begins with caring. We truly care about our customers and genuinely care about your business. We strive for the highest standards in everything we do. We have a sense of responsibility which permeates throughout the whole business. Quality is literally built into every stage of the process.

Our systems are designed with quality in mind. ISO standards are great, but we go much further than that. Our system captures, monitors and manages every single interaction with our customer. We have servers all over the world collecting and managing data that help us deliver a superior quality of service far surpassing any ISO standards. Continuous Improvement is a way of life here at Component Sense. If any individual in the business has the slightest issue with any part of the process they are working on, they raise it in real time for our innovation team to come up with a fix. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on our system because we demand standards that are not achievable with an off the shelf package. Our culture is represented by three pillars; Service, Honesty and Quality built upon a solid foundation of systems and processes. This ensures our customers consistently receive exceptional service with every interaction.

The quality of components begins with the source. Many brokers are buying from franchise to protect their customer, this really limits your ability to get the best prices. If your broker is buying from franchise and adding a margin there is only so much that can be achieved. We want to bring you fully traceable stock at prices that you cannot get in the normal market place. We are selling excess for some of the biggest companies in the world with quality built. We know exactly where the stock has come from and have full traceability back to the manufacturer. In almost every case our suppliers are buying direct from companies like Fairchild, Microchip and Analog Devices etc. so the traceability is transparent. We have enormous confidence in the quality of our stock however, we do not take this for granted. We still have very high anti-counterfeit procedures and employ highly trained personnel in anti-counterfeit detection techniques.

Our confidence in the product we sell is so high that we give an industry leading, full 12 month, no quibble warranty. We are always happy for a customer to return stock for any reason at all, provided the stock matches the photographs and lot codes we capture and is within the 12 month warranty period. This is a warranty that few others can provide.


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