Electronic Component Cost Reduction

Manufacturing companies are constantly looking to reduce costs to remain competitive in a challenging business environment. Our cost reduction program can help you achieve this. Whether your cost reduction motives are part and parcel of your ongoing business process or perhaps a specific short term Six Sigma project, we can work with you to deliver outstanding results.

The beauty of this tool is its simplicity
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Quick wins, Top 10 deltas

If you send us your BOM we can make comparisons between your pricing and demand patterns and that of your competitors. This allows us to produce a top 10 list of parts you are most likely to make savings on. This is a free service and there is no obligation to buy from us. All we ask for in return is the opportunity to send you offers from time to time that match your usage and can deliver significant cost savings to your company.

electronic component market pricing

This graph represents a variety of components, comparing one of our customers" prices against current market pricing. They may be paying too much for any parts that appear above the red market price line.

X-axis = market price. Y-axis = customer price.

The complete solution

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Our BOM matching tool is an excellent way to achieve cost savings on your electronic component spend. BOM matching looks at your entire BOM which can create cost reductions in places you would not necessarily expect.

Pareto Analysis would normally suggest that most of the savings could be made on a small percentage of your highest value lines. This takes no account of the fact that managing your BOM is an ongoing process which means most of your high value parts will have had constant attention for some time. You may be surprised to find many of the best opportunities lie in the middle line value sector. More...

bill of material cost savings
consulting services for electronic manufacturing

Consulting services

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We spend a great deal of our time in the field working with our clients on a wide variety of supply chain projects. As you will imagine it is amazing what we learn about manufacturing supply chains whilst visiting companies of all sizes in every corner of the world. If you have a project you would like some outside perspective on, give us a call.

Cross selling

There is a great deal of overlap in electronic manufacturing. Most components can be used in a huge variety of applications. For example, a chip used in the telecoms arena may be just as useful in an automotive application or vice versa. This creates an opportunity to cross sell between PCBA companies. We hold stock and usage data for hundreds of companies that allows us to see these matches and highlight cross selling opportunities. This may be useful to you if you are in either a surplus or shortage situation.

component purchasing opportunity

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