bill of materials matching

Bill of Materials (BOM) Matching

The beauty of this tool is its simplicity
Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense

All you need to do is send us your BOM and you will receive:
  • Free analysis highlighting instant savings opportunities.
  • Alerts to high quality fully traceable buying opportunities from our OEM and EMS partners as and when they arise. Average savings around 30%.
  • Where your buy price is competitive we can offer you profit (PPV) opportunities by buying from you and selling to our other BOM matching customers.

Every manufacturing company already has a BOM that it sends out to distributors. All you need to do is send us that same document and we will do the rest. We will analyze your BOM and create a report for you free of charge, comparing your pricing to 1000's of other electronic manufacturing companies and franchised distributors all over the world.

How does this work?

Our BOM Matching tool is all about creating quality connections. We currently manage excess stock for some of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies around the globe, and have unique insight into the purchase price variance within the market place. It can be surprising how much discount these huge volume users get on everyday commodity components. We can typically deliver 30% savings to you on your current purchase prices.

Quite simply, if you share your BOM with us in the same way you would with your current distribution channels (Avnet, Arrow etc.) we can monitor your BOM and all the part numbers within it. Comparing your prices against tier 1 manufacturing companies we can bring you guaranteed cost savings, without compromising on quality.

Since 2010 we have collected more than 100 million franchise prices creating a massive database. We continuously monitor pricing trends, tracking fluctuations in the market place. This enables us to help you profit from excess stock and reduce your spend where prices have fallen. Components have different life and price cycles which we monitor in real time. Supplying us with your BOM for analysis allows us to highlight components that you are over paying for creating instant savings. There is no obligation to buy from us, we simply identify the parts with the biggest deviation from market price allowing you to take quick action. This service is free; join BOM Matching today.

bill of materials matching
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Development to Launch

An overnight success is years in the making
Tom Clancy - Dead or Alive

This idea has actually been 20 years in the making as it was originally conceived in the first draft of the Component Sense business plan back in 2001. Our innovation team have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, building a bespoke system that does all of the hard work for you.

It has taken years to develop because nothing like this existed before. We had to collect and manage huge amounts of data over many years from OEM, EMS and franchise. Now you can benefit from all our hard work buy submitting your BOM below.

Levelling the playing field

A lot of smaller EMS companies struggle to compete with the tier 1 manufacturers. They have their own niche and their own pricing tier making Flextronics or Jabil price unachievable. We see this often as smaller companies are typically paying 30-40% more than they need to be on basic commodity parts.

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Maximising the potential

We are open and honest and everything we do is open book, but we do rely on the honesty of our clients to advise us of their true buy prices to ensure that we can add value.

Traditionally buyers were taught to manipulate their prices to try to deceive and beat their supplier. We see ourselves as part of your supply chain team. By working together with honesty and integrity we can really make a difference and save you money. All of the information you provide us with is covered under our NDA. We will not divulge any of your information and all transactions are completed anonymously.

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100% fully traceable, guaranteed stock

trusted assured reliable distributor

Quality Assured

We only buy stock from reputable, high quality large OEM/EMS companies who either buy direct from manufacturers of the components or through authorized distribution. We have full traceability on our stock so if product has come from outside of these safe channels then we will make you well aware. If you still wish to buy the stock it will undergo the most rigorous and stringent anti-counterfeit inspection process so that we can maintain our "100% Counterfeit Free" promise. Furthermore, all of our products are guaranteed fully for 12 months. We are focused on quality first and foremost, price is important but always second. We do not source products from the grey market.

We only buy from trusted OEM/EMS companies. We will always have full traceability with BOM Matching
Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense


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