Where do Component Sense's Parts Come From?

Did you know that between five to twenty per cent of electronic components within the average distributor’s supply chain are counterfeit?

These counterfeits cost the electronic industry upwards of $100bn annually.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel.” As counterfeits become increasingly sophisticated, it is more important than ever for Component Sense to prioritise being a transparent and trustworthy distributor in the electronic industry. Read on to learn how we fulfil that commitment.


Component Sense technically operates within the “grey market.” Whilst this term is often associated with negative connotations, it is essential to recognise that the electronic grey market encompasses a broad spectrum of sellers, including trustworthy ones. We distinguish ourselves as a reliable seller in the grey market. Here’s how:

  • At Component Sense, we can confidently assure customers that 100% of our components are counterfeit-free. With our guarantee, we can also offer complete traceability. As we only source directly from large to very large OEMs and EMSs,  customers can enjoy full transparency about what they’re buying and where it comes from.

  • Our components undergo a rigorous quality inspection process by our highly trained warehouse team, ensuring every component meets our stringent standards before being sent to our customers. Learn more about our industry-leading inspection process here.

  • Our core EPIC values of integrity and clarity shine through our sustainable sourcing practices and transparent communication with all our clients. These values eliminate uncertainty in the grey market and assure our customers that they receive authentic components when purchasing with us.  

So now it begs the question, where do our parts come from?


We procure all our stock directly from manufacturers, uplifting brand-new, unused excess and obsolete (E&O) stock that might otherwise be discarded. This sourcing strategy ensures complete traceability and aligns with our sustainability efforts by redistributing surplus components.

Our 22+ years of business in the electronics industry solidifies our expertise. With our background, we are committed to upholding our 100% counterfeit-free guarantee and providing peace of mind to our customers. We strictly refrain from dealing with any stock outside our EMS and OEM networks to ensure this. This policy extends to any broker organisation.



"Most broker organisations are very small and do not have established quality control procedures in place. Many brokers are working out of their home. All someone needs is a phone, fax and email address and they are in business."

American Electronic Resource, Inc


Benefits of Purchasing Excess and Obsolete Parts

Sourcing electronic components from E&O inventory offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers. By purchasing surplus stock from large electronic manufacturers, we benefit from economy-of-scale pricing and can, therefore, offer competitive prices on high-quality, authentic, 100% traceable components.


Furthermore, purchasing E&O stock helps prevent electronic waste and promotes a circular electronics economy. Manufacturers choose to sell brand-new and unused parts to distributors like us rather than discard them. We then redistribute these components to our customers in 77 countries worldwide — preventing wastage and maximising the value of the parts. So far, we have saved over 31 million components from ending up in landfills.


Ready to Take Part in Sustainable Solutions?

With over 100,000 lines in stock and serving customers in 77 countries, you can count on us to deliver high-quality, traceable and authentic components for your next big project. Our partnership with DSV, a global transport and logistics supplier, allows us to provide our parts to you quickly and with a reduced carbon footprint.