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Stock Announcement: 760 804 111 Würth Elektronik

Stock Announcement: 760 804 111 Würth Elektronik
We at Component Sense are pleased to share an exciting stock announcement with our customers: we are now offering the 760 804 111 Choke Inductor from Würth Elektronik. These choke inductors are used in electrical circuits to block higher-frequency direct currents and lower-frequencies alternating currents, thereby controlling audio and radio inputs and outputs. Here are some of the technical specifications of these 760 804 111 Choke Inductors: 250 UH 0.3 Ohm 1.1A 200W These 760 804 111 Inductors are brought to Component Sense from German manufacturers Würth Elektronik (WE). Würth is one of the global leaders in electronic components manufacturing....


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