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Now in Stock: PBA31309V1.00 Bluetooth Modules from Intel

Now in Stock: PBA31309V1.00 Bluetooth Modules from Intel

The Component Sense team is delighted to share another hot stock update!

We now have PBA31309V1.00 Bluetooth Modules from Intel in stock. Connectivity is more important than ever in our increasingly digital world, and it is crucial to have the best components possible to keep up with the pace. These Bluetooth modules are extremely powerful and energy-conserving: their ability to run on an ultra-low-power design means that these Intel modules are more environmentally friendly. So, Component Sense is proud to partner with industry leader, Intel, and bring these impressive Bluetooth modules to the international market.

Why should you choose the PBA31309V1.00? Let us tell you about just some of these modules’ key features:

  • Complete Bluetooth solution (2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate)
  • Single point-to-point data link
  • Ultra-low-power design
  • Automatically switches between different low-power modes
  • Secure simple pairing
  • Temperature range allowance from -40°C to +85°C
  • Integrates Processor, RAM, and patchable ROM
  • On-module voltage regulators, tuned reference clock, and EEPROM (with configuration data)
  • AT command interface over UART with HW flow control
  • Default UART baudrate 115200 bit/s

  • Module configuration reprogrammable for 9600 bit/s up to 3.25 Mbit/s UART baudrate
  • JTAG for boundary scan in production test RF
  • Class 2 device up to +4 dBm
  • Receiver sensitivity typ. -86 dBm
  • Integrated antenna, balun, and ISM band filter
  • Integrated LNA with excellent blocking and intermodulation performance
  • Digital demodulation for optimum sensitivity and co-/adjacent channel performance

If these features are not convincing enough, you can review a full component outline here!

At Component Sense, we are committed to providing an exceptionally high standard of customer service. Our highly trained quality-assurance team means that we can provide parts which are 100% quality-assured, reliable, traceable, and counterfeit-free. Integrity is crucial to Component Sense, which is why we only partner with elite businesses — such as Intel — to bring the best electronic components to our customers.

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The Component Sense team looks forward to hearing from you.


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