Introducing InPlant ™: Your Complete Excess Stock Solution

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Choose InPlant ™ to make your business more profitable, efficient, and sustainable. 

At Component Sense, we understand the challenges our OEM and EMS clients often face with excess and obsolete stock (E&O). As the global electronic component market continues to level out after several years of high demand and low supply, many electronic manufacturers are being hit with large bills and fulfilled orders. To help our customers recover their electronic component costs, our expert team developed InPlant ™. 

InPlant ™ is a cutting-edge complete excess stock solution. Our unique system is designed to help our largest electronic manufacturing customers turn their surplus inventory into valuable assets. Plus, our specialisation in E&O electronic components helps make your manufacturing processes more streamlined and sustainable! InPlant ™ is a bespoke system that empowers you to transform your E&O stock into financial benefits. The key to InPlant ™ is that you maintain complete ownership of your parts, and all stock is kept within your manufacturing plant. We can then manage your inventory with minimal fuss on your part. 

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Component Sense Chief Technology Officer, Grant Rutherford, says that “Component Sense created this bespoke automated system to allow us to move excess stock quickly and at the same time guarantee full traceability and security. Integrity and clarity are key values at Component Sense, and InPlant ™ means we can provide this to customers. We offer InPlant ™ to large businesses, and we do the hard work of E&O management for you while at the same time increasing working capital. At the end of the day, we made InPlant ™ to help our customers and make their businesses more profitable and sustainable.” Watch our InPlant ™ video below: 

With our dedicated team managing your stock directly from your facility, you can eliminate costly shipping expenses and reduce the carbon emissions associated with transportation. By keeping the process local, we prioritise sustainability and minimise the environmental impact of your electronic manufacturing. At the same time, we can make the whole process of re-distribution more convenient and cost-effective for your business!

As a result of our commitment to technological innovation, we created the advanced software that lies at the heart of InPlant ™. Our system offers real-time tracking and automated analysis of your stock performance, providing you with daily-updated, valuable insights and enabling data-driven decisions to optimise inventory management. With this level of visibility, our clients can effectively forecast market trends, anticipate demand, and strategically re-distribute  E&O components at the peak of their value. This approach minimises waste and ensures you achieve the maximum return on your original component costs.

Component Sense's commitment to sustainability goes beyond efficient stock management. We embrace a holistic approach that considers the entire lifecycle of electronic components. Rather than viewing E&O parts as destined for disposal, we connect your surplus stock with other businesses that may benefit from these components. By facilitating re-distribution, we foster a circular economy and promote collaboration within the industry. This inclusive approach maximises the value you can extract from your excess stock and contributes to a more sustainable and interconnected business ecosystem.

We recognise that, on average, approximately 10% of all electronic manufacturing companies’ revenue is tied up in excess stock. By choosing InPlant™, you can actively streamline your stock management processes and drive profitability in your business. This results in more space in your warehouse, fully recovered costs, and more positive profit margins! Moreover, our InPlant™ partners are also participating in the transition towards a more sustainable future. Our commitment to sustainability aligns with global efforts to mitigate climate change, reduce waste, and foster a circular economy.
Component Sense’s InPlant™ is your key to effortless inventory management, impressive cost savings, and a brighter, more sustainable future.

If you want to take charge of your excess stock, you can find out more information here. 

Do you have excess or obsolete electronic components to re-distribute? Email and discover how Component Sense can make your electronic manufacturing business more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.