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Unleashing the Power of XC7A35T-2FGG484I

In the modern day and age of digital innovation, having the right equipment at your disposal can make all the difference. Introducing this week’s hot stock, Xilinx’s XC7A35T-2FGG484I model is one of the manufacturers’ many FPGAs and is a powerful and versatile component that will allow engineers to open doors to new possibilities.

What is an FPGA?

A Field-Programmable Gate Array, or FPGA, is an integrated circuit designed to be configured to a limitless number of circuits. Unlike traditional processors, FPGAs are left blank and can be tailored to suit different application requirements. The flexibility offered by FPGAs makes them the go-to component where adaptability and customisation are paramount.


Innovating the Future

High Efficiency

At the core of the XC7A35T-2FGG484I is the Artix-7 FPGA structure, a testament to Xilinx’s commitment to balancing out a high-performing processor and low power consumption. With its high efficiency, this FPGA is a game-changer for a myriad of diverse applications.

T for Tenacity

The “T” in its nomenclature indicates the temperature grade for the device. In the case of the XC7A35T-2FGG484I model, it stands for the industrial temperature range, which spans from -40℃ to 100℃. This makes the XC7A35T-2FGG484I a dependable choice for environments that demand stability and robustness, whether in the factory or outdoors. 

Unravelling Creativity

Small, but Mighty

The “FGG484” in the model refers to the package type, and in this case, it is a Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) package with 484 pins. Packaged in a compact surface mount, the FBGA ensures a secure and seamless integration into your printed circuit board (PCB) without compromising on reliability. 

The Heart of FPGA: Logic Cells

Logic cells are fundamentally important to any FPGA, as they define the parameters of the complexity of the design to be implemented on the FPGA. These cells can be programmed to perform a multitude of digital logic functions from signal processing to handling a substantial amount of data. The XC7A35T-2FGG484I has 33,280 cells and 90 digital signal processing (DSP) slices. These two components coupled together make the XC7A35T-2FGG484I a powerhouse that can implement intricate and high-performance algorithms efficiently.

I/O Interfaces

Connectivity fuels communication and is a direct line to accessing information in the digital world. The XC7A35T-2FGG484I provides a selection of 250 I/O interfaces that allow it to interact with external devices and systems. With a diverse range of I/O interfaces, the XC7A35T-2FGG484I smoothly integrates with external devices, opening up new avenues for creativity.

Why Opt for Component Sense?

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