Hot Stock: XC5VLX85T-1FFG1136I from Xilinx

The demand for adaptable and high-performance components has never been higher than today. Among countless hardware solutions available, Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) stand out as versatile, reconfigurable devices with huge potential across various industries. 

The XC5VLX85T-1FFG1136I FPGA is a remarkable electronic component, and the great news is that Component Sense currently stocks this powerful device, ready to empower your projects!

Exploring the Potential of the XC5VLX85T-1FFG1136I 

The XC5VLX85T-1FFG1136I has a wealth of capabilities. This FPGA, manufactured by Xilinx, offers a balance between high performance and power efficiency, making it an ideal choice for many applications: from aerospace and defence to telecommunications, automotive, and beyond.


The power of this part lies in its reconfigurable nature. FPGAs like the XC5VLX85T-1FFG1136I allow for customisable hardware configurations, enabling developers to adapt and optimise the hardware to suit specific requirements. This versatility is invaluable in swiftly evolving industries where adaptability is key.


With numerous logic cells, high-speed transceivers, and extensive memory capabilities, the XC5VLX85T-1FFG1136I excels in executing complex algorithms, handling vast data streams, and powering high-bandwidth applications. Its processing capacity and robust performance make it a go-to choice for projects demanding speed and efficiency.

Component Sense: Your Gateway to Innovation

At Component Sense, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of over 150,000 lines of cutting-edge electronic components. We have industry-leading quality assurance processes, giving our customers complete peace of mind. All our parts are brand-new and unused and typically come in original manufacturer packaging. We offer same-day international shipping and aim to respond to all RFQs within twenty minutes. Plus, we plant two biodiversity-boosting native trees for every order we receive! 

The XC5VLX85T-1FFG1136I FPGA from Xilinx brings adaptability, performance, and innovation to electronic manufacturing. Seize this chance to purchase the XC5VLX85T-1FFG1136I from Component Sense and unlock the potential for groundbreaking developments in your field! 


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