Hot Stock: PEC1300-12-074ND Fixed Resistor (BelFuse)

PEC1300-12-074ND: In Stock and Available from Component Sense

From smartphones and electric vehicles to aeroplanes and industrial equipment, electronic components form the building blocks of the modern world. One part, in particular, has gained prominence for its reliability and versatility: the PEC1300-12-074ND fixed resistor from BelFuse. We are proud to share that the PEC1300-12-074ND is now in stock and available at Component Sense! 

What is the PEC1300-12-074ND?

The PEC1300-12-074ND is a fixed resistor with a constant resistance value. Thanks to this continuous resistance, the PEC1300-12-074ND offers stability and reliability when used in various applications. As is shown in this part’s name, the PEC1300-12-074ND is part of the PEC series of resistors. 


Key Features and Specifications:

The PEC1300-12-074ND boasts several notable features and specifications that make it a sought-after component. Firstly, the PEC1300-12-074ND has a fixed resistance value of 74 ohms, allowing for excellent performance. With a 12-watt power rating, the PEC1300-12-074ND can withstand significant power safely before sustaining damage or losing efficiency. The PEC1300-12-074ND features a non-specific tolerance, which means the value of the resistor falls within a range of permissible values. A non-specific tolerance is suitable for applications where precision is not a critical requirement. 


The PEC1300-12-074ND is suitable for a wide range of electronic applications, including:

  • Power Supplies: Resistors are crucial in power supply circuits to regulate voltage and current levels, ensuring stable and efficient operation.
  • Industrial Electronics: The robustness and reliability of the PEC1300-12-074ND make it suitable for industrial equipment and control systems.
  • Audio Amplifiers: In audio circuits, resistors help control gain and impedance, improving signal processing and audio quality.
  • Automotive Electronics: With the growing complexity of automotive systems, reliable resistors like the PEC1300-12-074ND are integral to ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Component Sense: A Reliable Source for Electronic Components

At Component Sense, we are proud to stand out from the crowd thanks to our exceptional customer service and dependability. All our electronic components are brand new, unused, and 100% traceable. Our team members are ready to answer your RFQs within 20 minutes, and we offer same-day shipping worldwide. As our parts come from re-distributed excess and obsolete component stock, you can also feel good knowing that your choice to purchase from Component Sense is kinder to the planet! Plus, we plant two trees for every order, offsetting the carbon emissions of both the buyer and the seller. 

The reliability and versatility of the PEC1300-12-074ND fixed resistor from BelFuse make it a crucial component in diverse electronic applications. Choose Component Sense as your electronic component supplier and discover why the PEC1300-12-074ND is so popular today! Click below to purchase: 


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