ADRF5132BCPZN-R7 Reflective Switch: Now in Stock with Component Sense

ADRF5132BCPZN-R7: Empowering Next-Generation RF Systems with Unmatched Performance and Flexibility 

The Component Sense team is pleased to share that we now have ADRF5132BCPZN-R7 Reflective Switches from South Korean manufacturers Analog Devices. These electronic components are available immediately, 100% counterfeit-free, and quality-assured by our expert team. At Component Sense, we only provide our customers with top-quality components which are completely reliable and traceable.

So, why should you choose the ADRF5132BCPZN-R7 for your electronic manufacturing needs? Firstly, reflective switches are an excellent alternative to their absorptive counterparts, as they are easier to design, lower in cost, and can handle higher power levels. What makes these ADRF5132BCPZN-R7 switches unique are their high-level features, however. Here are just some of their impressive technical specifications:

  • High power
  • 20W Peak
  • Silicon single pole double throw (SPDT)
  • 0.7GHz - 5.0 GHzwh_88_886a92887470ac0ea38231b88dc33f59
  • Low insertion loss
  • High power handling
  • High linearity
  • Positive control
  • 16-lead
  • 3mm x 3mm LFCSP packaging

The ADRF5132BCPZN-R7 reflective switch has numerous applications, particularly in telecommunications and wireless infrastructure. These components are so reliable that they are used regularly in military designs, including military test equipment! At Component Sense, we only partner with manufacturers and suppliers that operate at the highest level of business integrity. This commitment means that our customers can rest assured that the electronic components they receive will fulfil their individual needs.

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