Hot Stock: Connectivity with the HMC784AMS8GETR SDPT Switch

The HMC784AMS8GETR, a Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SDPT) switch by Analog Devices, is a high-power component that excels in applications requiring low distortion at high input signal power levels.

This SDPT switch is most commonly used to change between circuits that do not need to run simultaneously. 


This blog will explore the advanced features and various applications of Analog Devices’ HMC784AMS8GETR, illustrating its reliability and high-performance capabilities.


Key Features of the HMC784AMS8GETR:

High Input Power Handling

  • With an input P1dB of +40 dBm at a voltage of +8V, the HMC784AMS8GETR switch is capable of handling high power levels.



  • This switch boasts a high third-order intercept point of +60 dBm at +5V bias, providing exceptional intermodulation performance.


Positive Control Voltage

  • The HMC784AMS8GETR on-chip circularity allows single positive supply operation from a range of +3 to +8 Vdc at very low direct currents. 


Low Insertion Loss

  • This switch features a low insertion loss of 0.3 dB, ensuring efficient signal transmission and system performance.


Compact Packaging

  • The HMC784AMS8GETR is encased in an 8-lead MSOP8G package, measuring 14.8 mm², for transmit-receive applications.


Frequency Range

  • This component can control signals from DC to 4 GHz, covering a broad spectrum of frequencies used in communication systems.


Typical Applications:

Cellular/4G Infrastructure

  • The HMC784AMS8GETR switch can be used in base stations and other cellular equipment to ensure reliable signal routing and high power handling. This dependability is important for maintaining network performance and user connectivity. 


WiMAX, WiBro, and Fixed Wireless

  • Designed to be reliable and high-performing, this device is perfect for managing high-frequency signals and maintaining robust wireless broadband networks and systems.


Automotive Telematics

  • The HMC784AMS8GETR switch supports consistent data transmission and reception, contributing to advanced vehicle communication and safety features.


Mobile Radio

  • This SDPT switch can be used in mobile radio systems to provide reliable switching and signal routing for clear, uninterrupted communication.


Test Equipment

  • The HMC784AMS8GETR switch enables toggling between circuits in test equipment and ensures accurate signal control and measurement in lab and field environments. 


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