Risk Free Cost Reduction for Electronic Manufacturing

In times of Olde (Pre 2005) smart buyers were always looking to Brokers to help them save money on their Bill of Materials (BOM). Accessing someone else's excess stock was a great way to buy for less. A motivated seller is often prepared to take a loss on their stock creating a bargain for you, the buyer. In recent years, this has become fraught with danger.

Cost reduction without Risk!

Many OEM and EMS companies now only look to brokers for desperate situations caused by a line down or obsolescence. The curse that is counterfeit parts has created enough doubt in the eyes of the average buyer that they would rather "play it safe" and stick with overpriced franchise distribution.

Now, for the first time, there is a viable alternative.

Are you ready to join the Sourcing Revolution!

Cost reduction without Risk!

Access fully traceable stock from Tier 1 OEM and EMS companies and start saving with confidence.

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