Consignment: Simplifying E&O Management for Electronic Manufacturers

In the world of electronic manufacturing, optimising your inventory management is crucial to success. 

EMSs and OEMs who embrace excess and obsolete (E&O) electronic component stock management have been shown to thrive in the competitive market and withstand industry challenges. As well as draining valuable resources, the burden of handling E&O stock can significantly hamper a company's agility and growth.

At Component Sense, we offer tailored excess stock solutions to help alleviate the difficulties of surplus inventory for our customers. In this blog post, we will explore the features of our Consignment option and discuss how it can revolutionise your E&O stock management and empower you to focus on your core business. Discover how our excess stock solutions will help you recuperate electronic component costs and make your business more efficient, profitable, and sustainable! 

Consignment and Virtual Consignment: Tailored for manufacturers

Component Sense’s Consignment and Virtual Consignment solutions are carefully crafted to cater to the unique needs of OEM, CEM, and EMS clients. Choosing the consignment option allows Component Sense to take excess components off your hands, whilst keeping stock under your ownership completely. We can then advertise and manage your stock as if it were our own. By entrusting your E&O stock to Component Sense, you can then redirect energy towards core operations, while Component Sense handles the intricacies of re-distribution. Not only does this partnership simplify inventory management, but it also provides effortless cash flow to help you recuperate electronic component costs. 

Ben Dent, Component Sense's Global Operations Manager

Why should you sell your E&O inventory? 

Ben Dent, our Global Operations Manager, asserts that “excess and obsolete inventory is idle and not contributing to your company’s performance. That’s why it is so important to take charge of your inventory, sooner rather than later.” Electronic manufacturers can enjoy reduced storage requirements, labour demands, and service costs by taking charge of their surplus stock. Plus, Component Sense’s extensive re-distribution network ensures you get maximum returns on previously ‘idle’ inventory. 

The Power of Consignment

Our expertise in the sustainable re-distribution of excess and obsolete components spans over two decades. Opting for their consignment option enables manufacturers to retain inventory ownership, whilst allowing Component Sense to advertise and manage the stock effectively This strategic approach, which means we can advertise your components as “in stock” rather than “available”, significantly increases the likelihood of sales. Component Sense handles the redistribution of your E&O stock and we then pay you every month — it could not be easier. Our monthly payments ensure you can easily enjoy the benefits of increased cash flow and a return on your investment! 

Global Reach and Enhanced Returns

One of our unique strengths is our expansive network of over 4500 international brokers. Through these connections, Component Sense can connect purchasers to OEM and EMS companies worldwide, giving your surplus inventory global reach. This strategic advantage enhances the prospects of component sales, unlocking hidden value within your excess inventory. On average, Component Sense’s consignment solutions offer five times more income compared to the outright sale option. 

Unlocking Value Through Expertise

Behind Component Sense’s innovative E&O stock solutions lies a bespoke system built on over twenty-two years of industry knowledge and experience. Our team monitors ever-changing part prices daily, ensuring that your surplus components are sold at the best possible prices. 

By leveraging our two decades of industry experience, bespoke systems, global market knowledge and professional relationships, Component Sense empowers manufacturers to unlock the hidden potential within their excess and obsolete stock. This result is enhanced cash flow, more storage space and peace of mind.

Are you ready to transform your inventory management and unlock value? Contact Component Sense today to discover how our expert team can help to make your electronic manufacturing more efficient, profitable, and sustainable!