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Top-10 Semiconductor Suppliers Post 17% Rise in 1H20 Sales

Top-10 Semiconductor Suppliers Post 17% Rise in 1H20 Sales

The first half of 2020 saw sales of the top-10 semiconductor companies rise by 17% compared to the same period last year, over 3 times the total worldwide semiconductor industry increase of 5%, reports IC Insights.

(Source: IC Insights, 2020)

All of the top-10 firms had sales of at least $5 billion during 1H20; two more than 1H19. It took $5.2 billion in first half sales to make it onto the list.

HiSilicon was the only new entrant in the top-ten rankings, replacing Infineon. HiSilicon is the China-based semiconductor design division of telecommunications giant Huawei. More than 90% of HiSilicon's sales go to its parent company.

HiSilicon’s year-on-year sales increased by 49% in 1H20 and the company jumped six places in the ranking to 10th position, making it the first Chinese semiconductor supplier to be ranked in the worldwide top-10 listing.

HiSilicon’s tenure in the top-10 ranking may, however, be short lived. According to Richard Yu, president of Huawei's consumer unit, following the second round of US sanctions, which prevented semiconductor suppliers from using US-made equipment to produce Huawei/HiSilicon devices, the company’s chip manufacturers (e.g., TSMC) only approved orders until 15th May and production is expected to end on 15th September.

He added that this year could be the last generation of Huawei’s high-end Kirin chips, the application processors used in its advance smartphones, and that Huawei’s smartphone production has “no chips and no supply.”

The top-10 ranking includes one pure-play foundry, TSMC, which posted a strong revenue jump of 40% during the 1H20/1H19 period. Most of this rise was attributed to a surge in shipments of 7nm application processors to Apple and HiSilicon for their respective smartphones.

IC Insights includes foundries in the top-10 ranking of semiconductor suppliers, as it has always viewed the ranking as a top supplier list, not a marketshare ranking, and recognises that in some cases semiconductor sales are double counted.

Many of the top-25 semiconductor companies have provided their sales guidance for 3Q20.  Overall, the top-25 3Q20 semiconductor revenue forecasts vary widely by company and currently span a range of 40 percentage points (-8% for Intel and +32% for AMD).


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