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Author: Angharad Storrie

Counterfeit Mitigation

Counterfeit Mitigation
Angharad Storrie, Business Consultant, talks to Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense, to understand how the business maintains its integrity as a legitimate supplier in a world of increasingly sophisticated counterfeit operations. AS: How does Component Sense maintain its integrity as a legitimate electronic component supplier? KM: Firstly, we only source product from very large OEM and EMS companies with very strict buying procedures. Typically, these companies directly buy in the same product that any franchised distributors are buying, but in bigger volumes. Essentially, our stock comes directly from the factory via these large companies, so we have full traceability....

7 steps to a meaningful Gemba walk

7 steps to a meaningful Gemba walk
We shared a post on continuous improvement and Lean activities in December 2018. Carrying on with this theme an additional valuable business exercise is to undertake is a "Gemba walk". Gemba is Japanese for "The Real Place" and in business it means "the place where value is created". All too often management are involved in lengthy discussions trying to resolve an issue or find efficiencies without talking to those employees who undertake the tasks. A Gemba Walk means getting out of offices and meeting rooms and going to where the action is! Tom Peters and Robert Waterman also wrote about...

Back to Basics: How to Sell Excess Electronic Components

Back to Basics:  How to Sell Excess Electronic Components
Business Consultant, Angharad Storrie, interviews CEO of Component Sense, Kenny McGee, regarding selling excess electronic components. AS: What are the basics you need to know about selling excess electronic components? KM: Our clients are primarily focused on building electronic products. Selling excess is a by-product of what you do. When you are building a product there will always be excess or surplus components. There will be components that become obsolete or redundant for your purposes and that is just the natural order of things. Over time stock accumulates and it begins to harm your business. There are many different reasons...

Continuous Improvement : 5S in action throughout our Warehouse

Continuous Improvement :  5S in action throughout our Warehouse
What is 5S? 5S is a structured way to create and maintain a clean, organised and safe workplace. 5S was developed by Hiroyuki Hirano in Japan and was adopted by the Toyota Motor Company. It helps create and maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of a work area by having everything needed close to hand and any clutter removed. 5S is a common starting point for Lean activities in a company by eliminating waste from processes such as: wasted time searching for items; excess inventory; extra motion and extra processing.

Cybersecurity Risk Alerts: ERAI adds new alert type

Cybersecurity Risk Alerts: ERAI adds new alert type
Cybersecurity is a major challenge for businesses to protect computer systems, networks, programs and data from theft or damage. The risk is increasing due to our growing reliance on technology. ERAI is renowned for reporting organisations that supply suspect counterfeit or nonconforming parts. ERAI also provides identity theft alerts on companies whose identities are being used without consent by imposters who seek to benefit from an organization’s hard-earned reputation. The ERAI have added a new alert type to their database to warn subscribers of the cybersecurity risk. Read the ERAI article posted on 14 November 2018. At Component Sense we...


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