Profit (PPV) Opportunities

Purchase Price Variance or PPV is a measure of performance common in most PCBA purchasing departments. If making PPV or Profit on your stock is important to you, we can help.
Large companies generally have superior buying power when compared with smaller companies. This creates a fantastic opportunity for the large company to sell their Excess, Surplus or Obsolete product for a profit to a smaller company. The smaller company also profits by buying high quality, traceable and warrantied stock for less than they pay normally.

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Cross selling

Our Cross selling platform allows you to move stock in large volume quickly and easily between Tier 1 OEM, EMS and Contact Manufacturing companies. Because Tier 1 companies are volume users they can most likely absorb your excess into their supply chain with little difficulty.

When a product is dual sourced (manufactured by more than one site or company) you may find that you require stock when your counterpart, building the same product is holding excess.

Forecasts often fluctuate by region, which makes it difficult to re-balance stock over multiple sites, especially, if the sites are part of different companies. Re-balancing stock across sites or companies is something we can help facilitate.

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BOM Matching (Bill of Material)

We can save you money on your current buy prices with our BOM Matching service. This system highlights the parts that you are paying too much for, allowing you to focus time and attention on improving your prices on the parts that make the biggest impact.

BOM Matching also gives you direct access to high quality, traceable and warrantied stock from Tier 1 OEM, EMS and Contract Manufacturing companies.

If you share your BOM or BOM’s with us we can give you exclusive access to over of $100M worth of stock. This high quality, recent date code, traceable stock is not marketed anywhere else.

InPlant™ Stock Management

We can sell your excess, in many cases, for more than you paid for it!

Designed specifically for Tier 1 OEM, EMS and CEM companies our InPlant™ system makes selling your excess and obsolete easy.

The main obstacle to selling excess is usually the data you hold. When a company sends us a list of stock for sale it never contains all the data we need to sell the stock effectively. Often there are errors in the part number field or the part number listed is just one of many options on an AVL (Approved Vendors List).

Our system captures everything required to market your stock properly with,

  • No IT integration

  • No Capital outlay

  • No Monthly fee.

We can have this process set up, running and generating revenue for you anywhere in the World in just a few days. We also provide onsite training.

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