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Whatever your inventory problem we are here to help. We have worked with many companies large and small from top 5 global franchise distributors to one man independent distributors.

Even if the categories below do not exactly meet your business profile please feel free to contact us.

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Franchised Distributor

Franchised distributors rely on stocking a wide range of materials whilst ensuring that they can achieve acceptable stock turns to meet business targets. This creates a constant need to manage slow moving stock. Many Franchised distributors are now asking us to buy or consign their slow moving stock for them. We have unique skills and a unique customer base that can manage, promote and sell stock that is no longer viable to the large scale franchised distributor.

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Independent Distributor

Looking for an Exit Strategy

We are seeing a growing trend of business owner, component brokers nearing retirement and looking for an exit strategy who are approaching us for help. Often they set up business in the 80s and 90s and have seen many changes in the market place. Maybe you no longer have the energy or inclination to evolve into the high-tech component distributor that today’s market demands. Perhaps your business is no longer going in the direction you originally wanted it to go. Some owners simply want to explore new opportunities. We have a service tailor made for this situation.

Our consignment process can take away the hassle of running the warehousing and distribution element of your business that can tie you down. Often it is just not viable for a small distributor to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in counterfeit detection equipment. Passing this burden to us will allow you to continue to work part time with your existing client base if you wish or to retire altogether whilst still receiving income from the stock you have accumulated over the years.

Concentrating on Core Business

Other Independent distributors just want to get back to their core business of sourcing. We can consign your stock and manage it for you. We handle absolutely everything from warehousing, marketing and quality right through to the final sale and cash collection. All you need to do is watch the cash roll in. It is a nice income stream without the headaches associated with running a warehousing business. You can literally get back to running an efficient vibrant office and looking after your clients whilst still getting the best out of your stock.

Excess resale is what we do. We do not do sourcing which is the core business of most brokers.

Kitting / Sourcing

If your primary objective is to source stock and build kits you will inevitably accumulate redundant stock over time. Managing this stock is most likely not your main priority. Why not out-source this task to us. It really could not be simpler. We can buy for cash or consign your over stock to give a higher return.

Excess resale is what we do. We do not do sourcing or kitting which is your core business. We run an entirely complementary business that can support your business.

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