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P9243-GBNDGI8 Renesas Stock Now Available!

P9243-GBNDGI8 Renesas Stock Now Available!
Component Sense is pleased to offer these P9243-GBNDGI8 Renesas units to the market. This wireless power transmitter features: • Power transfer up to 15W at receiver side • Wide input voltage range: 5V to 19V • WPC-1.2.4 compatible, MP-A11 coil configuration • Supports system parameters configuration using a GUI • Integrated drivers for external power MOSFETs • Embedded 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor (trademark of • ARM, Ltd.) • Simultaneous voltage and current demodulation scheme for • WPC communication • Integrated current sense amplifier • Supports accurate 127.7kHz frequency operation • Feedback control for external input step-down regulator • Dedicated remote...


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