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Stock Update: 957M1002105 Amphenol Now Available

Stock Update: 957M1002105 Amphenol Now Available
We at Component Sense are pleased to update our customers with some stock news! Component Sense now offers 957M1002105 Amphenol I/O Connectors. These micro-pierce electrical connectors are manufactured by U.S. company, Amphenol, which is one of the world’s largest providers of high-technology interconnect, sensor, and antenna solutions. These connectors are crucial to ensure the operation of efficient, reliable, and innovative electrical circuits which power so many of our electronic devices. So, why choose the 957M1002105 Amphenol I/O Connectors (Micro-Pierce 957 Series, IDC, 2.16mm pitch, 100 position plug)? Firstly, these units are crucial to maintaining the electrical circuits used for essential...


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