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Earth Day 2022: Join Component Sense and #InvestInOurPlanet

Earth Day 2022: Join Component Sense and #InvestInOurPlanet

The electronics industry produces an alarming amount of waste. 2019 alone saw the generation of 48.6 million tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) globally, and these figures are increasing each year. E-waste dumping has significant negative implications for both human and environmental health and the electronics industry. Discarded electronic components feed the counterfeit electronics supply chain, threatening the quality, safety, and reliability of electronic equipment.

This Earth Day, 22nd April 2022, we at Component Sense urge our industry partners to join us and #InvestInOurPlanet. Earth Day is not only a celebration of our planet: it is a call to action to preserve and protect our environment and the health, families, and livelihoods of every person who calls the Earth ‘home’. Component Sense echoes’s statement that “a green future is a prosperous future.”

At Component Sense, we have always understood that sustainability and prosperity go hand-in-hand. Our company was founded on principles of sustainability and our mission is rooted in environmental stewardship. Our founder and CEO, Kenny McGee, established Component Sense with the aim of “cleaning up electronic waste for the sake of our planet and our businesses.” By supplying 100% counterfeit-free, traceable, and quality-assured components, we tackle the number of counterfeit parts entering the electronics marketplace, whilst forging a zero-waste system. Sustainability makes business sense!

At Component Sense, we practice what we preach. As well as cleaning up e-waste, we:

  1. Measure and offset all our carbon emissions.
  2. Partner with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every order we ship from our warehouse.
  3. Put the planet before profit and always make the more sustainable choice despite potentially higher costs.

Today, we are redoubling our efforts with One Tree Planted and pledging to plant two trees for every order placed to celebrate Earth Day 2022. We are pleased to contribute to an initiative which actively helps to reduce carbon emissions, encourage global biodiversity, and increase reforestation efforts.

Our ambitions don’t stop there! Our growth strategy includes plans to further increase our environmental activities by physically cleaning up e-waste in developing countries, where huge amounts of e-waste are unfortunately dumped. In doing so, we aim to create employment, invest in local education facilities, and ultimately provide local communities with a sustainable alternative to supplying the counterfeit electronics industry.

Kenny McGee sums it up underlining that “time is short for rectifying the impact of climate change on our environment and global communities. So, we need to act firmly, with integrity and purpose.” Investing in our planet is an investment in our environment, health, jobs, and communities. This Earth Day 2022, #InvestInOurPlanet and help create a greener future for everybody, every business, and every environment.

How will you #InvestInOurPlanet this Earth Day? Continue the conversation in the comments section below.

You can find Component Sense’s zero-waste manifesto here:

For more information on Earth Day 2022, see:


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