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Clarification still required regarding the "gray market"...

Clarification still required regarding the "gray market"...

The electronics Media and Franchised Distributors are still blaming counterfeit supply on the "Gray Market". We have always argued that the true perpetrators are operating in the Black Market. The term "Independent distributors" was born out of a need to separate the good from the bad in this much needed segment of the supply chain.

Independent distributors come in many shapes and sizes and not all are created equal. Component Sense enjoys being Independent because it allows us fill essential voids in the supply chain. We love being able to provide innovative solutions to age old problems.

Our first line of defence has always been to carefully control our supply base, ensuring our stock comes only from trusted OEM and EMS clients. Over the last 10 years we have augmented our security by adding anti-counterfeit techniques and expertise which we continually develop, working with Global experts, to stay at the top of our game. Even with all of this security in place we are always looking to develop a stronger and more secure supply chain to protect our clients.

Our high reliability, military and automotive clients demand full traceability on stock so we are developing exactly that as I write. Full traceability all the way back to the original manufacturer. Many franchised distributors can't do that!

Check out our recent blog article entitled "The argument for traceability and testing of electronic components".

Kenny McGee, CEO of Component Sense, took part in a discussion on 15 August 2013 highlighting this issue although, it seems, nothing much has changed to date.

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