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AS9120B Quality Management Standard Achieved

AS9120B Quality Management Standard Achieved

Component Sense is delighted to announce that as part of our ongoing commitment to our customers we have been officially certified to the AS9120B standard which includes ISO 9001:2015 quality management system (QMS). This is a requirement for stockist distributors of parts related specifically to the aerospace and defence industry and in addition is also a sought after standard for supplying the automotive industry.

Our Quality Manager embarked on the AS9120B journey in March 2018 and managed the project working closely with all internal departments and United Registrar of Systems (URS) certification body. It was clear from the outset that our all-encompassing bespoke CRM and QMS, built and perfected over the past 8 years, already covered many of the requirements of AS9120B. Essentially we achieved accreditation in just a few months after creating additional written processes to support our first-class CRM system.

Achieving AS9120B will certainly complement our already stringent QMS. We wanted to continue exceeding our customers’ expectations of quality and assure them that we have a robust quality system in place at every step of the process. With zero non-conformances found during the final stage audit, we are confident in our ongoing continuous improvement strategy to provide our customers the highest quality, fully traceable products and services.

How does AS9120B help us?

20% of lost revenue can be accredited to the cost of poor quality.

Compliance to AS9120B means we can:

  • Save money by reducing waste in both time and materials
  • Demonstrate compliance to a recognised international standard to win new business
  • Improve product and service quality by eliminating costly mistakes
  • Compete more effectively by increasing customer satisfaction
  • Improve operating efficiency and productivity, planning and problem solving
  • Motivate and empower staff through a policy of continuous improvement
  • Ensure good documentation practice.

Having AS9120 certification assures our customers we have a system in place that puts emphasis on quality, traceable products and customer satisfaction and that it is monitored by a third party registrar.

Click here to find a copy of our AS9120B Certificate.


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