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US Legislation Updated to Continue Tackling Counterfeit Parts in Defence Supply Chain

US Legislation Updated to Continue Tackling Counterfeit Parts in Defence Supply Chain

Counterfeiting operations are getting more sophisticated around the world. If you end up buying counterfeit products as a manufacturer the risk is the integrity of your product. Your product could hit the marketplace with a potentially inferior device within it which could result in early failure and product recalls with huge costs to your company. The consequences could be catastrophic and must be avoided at all costs. You can imagine in the military, if you are handling radar or navigation systems or running aircraft, for instance, the risk of using counterfeit products would be potentially life threatening. Over and above that, for us as a reseller if we were found to be selling counterfeits it would end in a jail sentence.

A recent ERAI blog article highlighted that Section 815 of S.2943 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 was signed into law (Public Law No: 114-328) in December 2016. The revisions remove the controversial phrase "trusted suppliers" and replace it with "suppliers that meet anticounterfeiting requirements" for the detection and avoidance of counterfeit electronic parts. Read the full ERAI blog post.

Our anti-counterfeit processes are robust however, it is our belief that inspection and testing alone is insufficient to fully safeguard your product. We also offer end to end traceability to ensure that our electronic components comply with our industry leading, 100% anti-counterfeit guarantee. Read our published blog article "The argument for traceability and testing of electronic components" for more information.


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