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ECIA Reports Global Passive Component Sales Increased by 25.2% in 2018

According to the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA), global passive sales (capacitors, inductors and resistors) improved by 25.2% last year in dollars, and by 16.7% in unit shipments, with an increase of 7.3% in average selling prices. 2018 saw unit sales reach 7.4 trillion, totalling 32.1 trillion dollars.

Capacitor sales improved by 27.9% in dollars and 12.5% in units, with the average selling price increasing by 13.7%. Inductor sales improved by 5.4% in dollars and 4.6% in units, with average selling prices increasing by 0.8%. Resistor sales improved by 41.1% in dollars and 23.7% in units, with average selling prices increasing by 14.0%.

The following pie chart illustrates the breakdown of passive sales by geographic region:

Source: ESP News

2018 witnessed an extreme shortfall in passive components in 2018, notably certain types of capacitors, and it is expected that these parts will remain in high demand for the greater part of 2019 as manufacturers increase capacity.