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Are CoC's still relevant today?

Are CoC's still relevant today?

A Certificate of Conformity (CoC), also known as Certificate of Compliance, is a declaration from a supplier stating that the referenced product complies/conforms to all requirements, standards and/or specifications.

A CoC assists with traceability of a product and offers reassurance which is vital in safeguarding your supply chain from counterfeits.

Typically less than 1% of our customers request CoC's when ordering products which perhaps shows the lack of importance placed on having this paperwork. At Component Sense we verify all CoC's during our incoming inspection process although delivery notes from authorised sources such as manufacturers and franchise likely add as much value.

Nowadays there are many variations on CoC documentation and terminology and this is highlighted in an Aviation Suppliers Association article by Roy Resto "C of C's, Beware the Differences" (1/9/2013).

With the sophistication in counterfeit components these days where known counterfeits are almost undetectable from the original we often apply too much importance to a CoC. A CoC is simply a piece of paper which is infinitely simpler to fake than the component. Whilst CoC's are useful we stress the importance of supplying fully traceable stock. Whilst Component Sense often has manufacturers CoC's available, however, we put more value on physical evidence to back up full traceability.

For further reassurance we also offer a 12-month no quibble guarantee so contact us today and start accessing quality stock.


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